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Proper Drapery Medallion Sets Ensure Beauty and Function

Posted by JessicaSala On February 27th

Crooked Drapery Medallions

Providing decorative metal products means we attend many trade and interior design shows throughout the year. I recently attended a show and was in dismay when I saw the window treatments at the chosen venue. As you can see from the photo to the left, the drapery medallions that were used in this setup have turned, are very crooked, and haven’t maintained their installation. This situation could have been avoided if the drapery medallion fabricator used the correct drapery medallion hardware set. Here at Metropolis Iron, each drapery tieback set includes hardware to ensure that your window treatment is professional and eye appealing.

A proper drapery medallion set consists of two pieces. The front decorative piece is considered the actual drapery medallion or drapery rosette. A stem is attached to back of the decorative medallion piece which is made of 3/8″ solid iron. This stem fits into the sleeve of the next piece of the medallion hardware set, the wall mount bracket.

The wall mount bracket consists of a back plate with 1/2′” square tubing for the stem for the decorative medallion to fit securely into. There is a set screw so the medallion can be locked into place thus avoiding the twisting you see in the above photo. The sizes of back plates differ with medallion size. For small to large drapery medallions a 2-3/4″ (+/-) back plate is generally used. With larger drapery medallions, a 3-1/2″ (+/-) back plate is used to compensate for the additional weight and size of the piece. By special request of local interior designers, Metropolis Iron fabricates each back plate with three points of contact to the wall. We have found that two points of contact are not enough to stabilize the medallion, while four points of contact can compromise the structural integrity of the wall. Attaching a round “stem” to the drapery medallion as seen below allows for designers to rotate the decorative medallion into their ideal position. This is particularly useful while working with square medallions as they can be turned into a diamond position creating a completely different look for your window treatment. Our drapery medallion sets come with a standard projection of 3″, but as with any product from Metropolis Iron, they can be custom fabricated to any length by request.

Ensuring that your drapery medallion set is complete and well fabricated can be the difference between a window treatment nightmare and window treatment bliss. If you are looking for strong installation and flexibility in creating your window treatment, try out Metropolis Iron’s exclusive two piece drapery medallion sets.

Parts of a Drapery Medallion Set

Parts of a Drapery Medallion Set

A Medallion by Any Other Name…..

Posted by JessicaSala On February 20th

Medium Drapery Medallions

If you aren’t very skilled in the world of drapery hardware vocabulary, creating the perfect window treatment can be a difficult task. Knowing what the item is can make all the difference in creating a fabulous window treatment. Drapery tiebacks or curtain tiebacks are one of the most easily confused items as they can be referred to by a variety of names. Metropolis Iron takes the many names and lumps them under the drapery medallion category. Some common names are drapery holdbacks, curtain holdbacks, drapery holders, and curtain holders. These are general names that refer to drapery hardware that is used to hold the curtain in an open position.

A large portion of drapery hardware is named by its shape or design rather than its purpose. Drapery medallions and curtain medallions are the most popular and stylish of these types of drapery decorations. These types of drapery hardware were initially created in the shape of a medallion, but over time have evolved to include an array of custom designs. Metropolis Iron offers one of the largest lines of this type of drapery decoration and works with interior designers, drapery workrooms and distinctive customers to create cutting edge designs. Another design style is the drapery knob or curtain knob. This items name gives away its style as it features a knob design. Another example of this type of drapery hardware is the drapery rosette or curtain rosette. This design generally features a rose or floral design and dates back to the mid Victorian age.

Other pieces of drapery hardware derive their name from their function. Scarf holders are designed to hold up scarf window or door treatments. Swag holders allow you to create a unique or a layered look for your window treatment design. For areas in your home that won’t allow for a traditional curtain rod to be hung, drapery hangers, curtain hangers, drapery brackets, curtain brackets, drapery hooks, and curtain hooks can help to create an attractive solution.

By any name you choose to call them, drapery hardware pieces can dress up the most drab window treatment and add a stylish aspect to any situation.

Decorative Drapery Medallions

Drapery Medallions 101

Posted by JessicaSala On February 13th
Use of Drapery Medallions

Use of Drapery Medallions

Window treatments, if created correctly, can bring life to even the drabbest of spaces.  While a beginner DIY home designer may be happy with a curtain that coordinates with a rooms decor on a fashionable rod, professional interior designers strive to create unique window treatments that include decorative hardware such as drapery medallions which are commonly called drapery rosettes or drapery holdbacks.

Drapery medallions perform a variety of functions in creating an attractive window treatment for your home.  A drapery rosettes main function is to hold back or tie back the curtain panel.  Medallions are also commonly used to hang curtains or swags in small or awkward areas that will not allow for a traditional curtain rod to be hung.

Drapery rosettes date back to the mid Victorian era (1850-1870). They were originally created as a “curtain pin” or holdback.  The first drapery medallions had large heads and thick stalks and were used more for functionality than decoration.  By the late Victorian age (1870-1900) window treatments began to grow more elaborate and the drapery medallion began to evolve from a tool to a decoration.  In these early days of drapery medallions, tiebacks were generally created in brass and a handful of designs including scrollwork or floral.

Since their creation the selection of drapery medallions available has grown greatly.   Medallions are generally created in a variety of designs from simplistic to ornate which allow for integration into any type of design plan.  In addition to design selection, medallions come in an array of shapes and sizes.  Metropolis Iron provides a vast selection of drapery medallions along with custom designed, one of a kind drapery holdbacks.

Multiple Sizes of Drapery Medallions

Multiple Sizes of Drapery Medallions