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Stationary Scroll Panel Rods

Posted by Misti On May 29th

Metropolis Iron


This stationary scroll rod set is exclusive to Metropolis Iron, Inc.  It is a beautiful addition in an area you’d like to have stationary drapery panels.  It’s out of the ordinary, unique and beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Each set includes up to 4′ of 3/4″ smooth square drapery rod, one large scroll, one small scroll, two slide in/lock down mounting brackets that are not visiable from the front of the rod set and a removable finial end for simple drapery panel installation.

“Left” will have the large scroll on the left side, “Right” will have the large scroll on the right side.  Scroll side is determined as if customer’s back were facing project.

  • Large scroll is 11-1/2”H x 7-1/2”W.
  • Small scroll is 3-3/4”H x 5”W.
  • 3” projection unless otherwise requested.

Holdback is $40.00 if purchased individually.  Only $30.00 if included with a rod set.

Holdback is the same scroll as shown on the small end of the stationary scroll panel drapery rod set. 3-3/4” H x 5” W. 3” projection unless otherwise requested. Includes mounting hardware.

Mounting Brackets – $25.00 each and may be necessary if length of rod set exceeds 48″/4′.

Square Drapery Rings with Eyelet
To accommodate 3/4″ Drapery Rod
Price $12.00 if purchased individually.  $120.00 for (12) if purchased with rod set.

Rings are 1-1/4″ W x 1-3/4″ H with eyelet.  Price per ring unless purchased with a rod set.

Round Drapery Rings
To accommodate 3/4″ Drapery Rod
Price $10.00 if purchased individually.  $100.00 for (12) if purchased with a drapery rod set.

Rings are 1-1/4″ inside diameter with eyelet.  Price per ring unless purchased with a drapery rod set.

Round Drapery Rings With Clip
To accommodate 3/4″ Drapery Rod
Price $10.00 if purchased individually.  $100.00 for (12) when purchased with a rod set.

Rings are 1-1/4″ inside diameter with clip.  Price per ring unless purchased with a rod set.


Metropolis Iron


How Do I Mount My Drapery Rod?

Posted by Misti On May 28th
Inside Mounted Drapery Rod

Inside Mounted Drapery Rod

Last week our blog explored the parts of a complete drapery rod set.  This week we will dive into the different mounting positions of the drapery brackets that will hold the drapery rods.  The type of mounting you need for a drapery rod depends on many factors including the space in which you are mounting your rod, the material you are mounting your rod to, and the type of drapery panels you plan on using for your window treatment.  There are three main types of drapery rod mounting positions:

  • Ceiling Mounted Drapery Rods:  These types of drapery rods are just as they sound, mounted from the ceiling.  Ceiling mounted drapery rods are commonly used when there are no nearby walls or in areas where the crown molding is taking most of the empty wall space.
  • Inside Mounted Drapery Rods:    Inside mounted drapery rods are rods mounted between two facing surfaces.  This type of mounting usually uses escutcheon brackets and is most common with windows having deep recesses.   When measuring for inside mounted drapery rods, be sure to subtract 3/8″ from the width of the rod if using escutcheons, to allow room for the brackets themselves and ease of installation.
  • Outside Mounted Drapery Rods:  Outside mounted drapery rods are rods mounted on the wall above or beside the window opening or on the window trim or molding.  Typically, outside mounted drapery rods project beyond the window.  A typical projection is 3” but Metropolis Iron always accommodates any projection you need.    

Metropolis Iron works with each client to ensure you are selecting the correct drapery rods, drapery medallions, and other decorative hardware for your window treatment.  For more information on our expert consultation services and wide variety of decorative hardware visit us at

Outside Mounted Drapery Rod

Outside Mounted Drapery Rod

The Tall and Scrolly Wine Table Base

Posted by Misti On May 26th

Metropolis Iron, Inc. · 146 SE 5th Street, Cape Coral, Florida 33990 · (239) 298-0561

The Tall and Scrolly Wine Table Base is one of our many unique wine storage designs. We also have a variety of finishes to choose from to best blend with your home decor.

This a tall but elegant table base that is able to accommodate the slimmest of wine bottles up to a 2 liter bottle of soda.  The slim legs give it a delicate appearance but don’t let that fool you.  This table base is constructed of iron and very sturdy.

The dimensions of the table base are 36-36-1/2″ H (without table top) x 24-25″ W x 18-19″ D.  It weighs @ 25 lbs without the table top.



You won’t find an item like this anywhere else because it is exclusive to Metropolis Iron, Inc.  It is available as a table base only, as a table base that can accommodate (8) bottles (1 shelf) or a table base that can accommodate (16) bottles (2 shelves, as shown above).  Shelves are flexibly designed so that you can store wine, liquor or soda bottles.  A great alternative to taking up space in a cabinet or cluttering up your counter-top.

Custom configurations can be accommodate for an additional charge.  Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

A glass top (as shown above) can be purchased to fit the table base for an additional charge.

Metropolis Iron, Inc. · 146 SE 5th Street, Cape Coral, Florida 33990 · (239) 298-0561

Learn About Metropolis Iron

Posted by Misti On May 23rd

Metropolis Iron


Misti St. Pierre is the owner and operator or Metropolis Iron, Inc. Her desire is to service interior designers, drapery workrooms and distinctive homes owners by providing custom fabricated decorative metal products made from iron and aluminum. We specialize in drapery hardware, drapery medallions, outdoor drapery hardware, address plaques, table bases, decorative inserts, pet beds and much more. She is involved in each and every project right down to the final faux finish that she hand applies herself. It is essential to her that the business is run with honesty and integrity, the two character traits she builds her life upon. Some of her favorite and appreciated clients are the small business owner and of course referrals!

Misti is a former Branch Operations Manager for General Electric. She stepped out of the corporate world to start a family in 2004. In 2008 She started Metropolis Iron, Inc. to full fill the dream of being a business owner with the ability to control her own work schedule. She is married and has a young daughter, 2 dogs, a cat, and a whole bunch of fish. She is deeply committed to her family and church, Grace Church. She is the volunteer coordinator for a pet therapy ministry called P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Working Saints). This ministry takes pets to visit nursing homes, assisted living facilities and various youth programs in Lee County Florida. She has been involved in this ministry for 11 years and has been the coordinator for 6 years. She serves on the communion team, and sits on the planning committee for The Grace Community Center Pet Expo 2012 and is a second year member of The Board of Directors for The Florida Wiener Dog Derby.

Metropolis Iron, Inc. is a member of The Interior Design Society at a National level, a member of the Naples Chapter of the Interior Design Society and a member of the Sarasota Chapter of The Interior Design Society. In addition she is a member of NAWBO (The National Association of Women Business Owners) both at The National Level as well as a member of the Southwest Florida Chapter. She currently sits on the membership committee at the local level.

If you’d like to know even more, my friend and colleague, Melissa Allen of MGA Interior Design did a wonderful blog/biography on me in 2011.

Metropolis Iron, Inc. greatly appreciates the opportunity to work with you and your company. Let’s work together to make your vision a reality!

How may Metropolis Iron assist you today?

Contact us or call (239) 298-0561 today!

Metropolis Iron


Unique Drapery Medallions

Posted by Misti On May 21st

This collection of unique drapery medallions are exclusive to Metropolis Iron and include mediums ranging from real sea shells, glass stones and aggregrate rock with many out of the box ideas being added all the time. Do you have something strange and unusual that you’d like to use in your window treatments? Let us know. We have the creativity to make it happen.

These solid iron drapery medallions are great for elegantly hanging, swaging, slouching or scarving any type of window treatment. They also give you added flexibility over drapery rods for installation in strange and unusual spaces.

There are (10) standard faux finishes to choose from. Custom paint finishes can be accommodated but additional charges may apply.

Each drapery medallion comes with an easy to install wall mount bracket that projects 3” from the wall. Custom projections can be accommodated but additional charges may apply. Metropolis Iron, Inc. has fabricated drapery medallions that have projected as far as 8” before. This allows you to add window treatment over other drapery panels, blinds or shutters.



Last week our blog compared the two options for hanging decorative window treatments; drapery medallions, and drapery rods.  Today we’d like to introduce you to the elements of a complete drapery rod set.

  • Drapery Rod:   The drapery rod is the main part of a drapery rod set. Next week we will be discussing the different types of drapery rods in more detail.  The function of the drapery rod is to hang drapery panels.  Generally drapery rods are fabricated by the foot.  Prior to ordering drapery rods you should be sure to measure your window.  This step is particularly important with inside mount applications or in areas with space restrictions.
  • Drapery Rod Finial:   The drapery rod finial is the most decorative part of the drapery rod set.  The finial attaches to one or both ends of the drapery rod to prevent the drapery rings and panels from sliding off the end of the rod.
  • Brackets:  Brackets are the part of the drapery rod set that secures the drapery rod to the wall, window trim, celling, or molding.  The mounting position that you have decide upon for your drapery rods will determine the type of bracket needed.  Common types of drapery rod brackets include center brackets, double brackets, escutcheon brackets, hanging brackets, post brackets, ceiling mount brackets, wall mount brackets, and inside mount brackets.
  • Drapery Rings:  Drapery rings are the final part of a complete drapery rod set and are used to hang the drapery panels from the drapery rod.  Drapery rings should have an inside diameter of at least ½” larger than the outside diameter of the drapery rod you are using.  There are many types of drapery rings including “C” rings so they can pass over the brackets, round rings with eyelets, round rings with clips, square rings and many more.

Metropolis Iron’s drapery rod sets are hand fabricated in the USA of the finest quality materials.  Our complete sets include all four pieces mentioned above.  For ordering information visit our website,

The Layers of a Window Treatment

Posted by Misti On May 14th
Drapery Rod and Finials

Drapery Rod and Finials

Window treatments add value to your home.  When done correctly you can protect your home from damaging sunlight, have privacy and add beauty to a room.  The trick is finding the right combination of “layers” that work for your budget and design style.

First, you must choose your “bottom” layer.  The bottom layer is considered the “active” part of the window treatment.  Overall the bottom layer is the most important as it ensures privacy and protection of your home and furnishings from the sun.  These types of window treatments generally consist of blinds, shades, shutters, active drapery panels or even window tint.

Next, you begin to design your “top” layer.  This layer is the “non-active” layer and is used to pull in the overall design of the room and provide decorative aspects.  Valances, stationary drapery panels, swags or even cornice boards are all appropriate for the top decorative layer.  They are the eye candy of the room.

When choosing the design of your “top” layer you must consider which type of decorative drapery hardware you will use to suspend the layer.  There are two options to be considered; drapery rods or drapery medallions.  Drapery rods hang straight across the window with the top layer suspended directly below it.  Drapery medallions are also hung across the top of the window, but instead of a rod design they allow the top layer to be draped or suspended from them.  Using drapery medallions allows more creativity in the design of the window treatment.  Drapery medallions can be especially useful in awkward or small areas that do not allow for a traditional drapery rod to be hung or in rooms that have arched windows or bowed walls.  Metropolis Iron has a large selection of drapery hardware and even creates custom designs for those “out of the box” hardware requests!

Large Spinelli Drapery Medallions

Large Spinelli Drapery Medallions

Proper use of medallions and holdbacks

Proper use of medallions and holdbacks


This is a question we at Metropolis Iron hear frequently!  A drapery medallion is used to hang curtain panels vertically above the window while drapery holdbacks are used in a horizontal nature to hold a panel back from the window.

Drapery holdbacks are designed in straight and curved styles.  When selecting drapery holdbacks for your window treatment you should always keep your overall projection in mind.  Generally projection for a small drapery holdback is 3-3-1/2” while larger holdbacks see a projection around the 6”+/- area.  When considering the projection needed for your design you should keep in mind that the type of fabric used for your panels will play a large part of your final decision on the projection of a straight holdback or the depth of the curve of a curved holdback.  Light, sheer fabrics will only require a shorter projection, while thick, heavy fabrics will require a larger one.  If you have a drapery holdback project that requires a special projection contact Metropolis Iron!  We love custom orders and working with clients to create unique window treatment designs!

Small Curved Holdback

Small Curved Holdback