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Great Room Drapery Ideas

Posted by Misti On November 26th

Photo Courtesy of HGTV

More homes are being built with great rooms and large foyers that have high ceilings.  The need for drapery hardware that has the correct projection, size and strength for longer, heavier drapes has become a common request at Metropolis Iron.    These spaces require window hardware that is large, visible and strong.

Metropolis Iron’s extra-large and large drapery medallions are perfect for great rooms and rooms with higher ceilings.  Not only do they provide the strength that longer and heavier drapery panels require, but with a maximum diameters ranging all the way to 10” they stand out from the drapes and the rest of the window treatment.  As they come in a variety of shapes and finishes, large drapery medallions can be used in even in common and custom window treatment designs alike.

Choosing Durable Address Plaques

Posted by Misti On November 19th
The Vineyards Address Plaque

The Vineyards Address Plaque

With the northern states moving into the winter months, it can only mean one thing…Snow is coming am I sure am happy that I live in Florida!  Did you know that Metropolis Iron’s address plaques are designed with durability to the weather in mind?  Many address plaque designers create plaques that are beautifully designed, but are created with materials that aren’t weather resistant such as plaques forged from heavier metals with back plating.  With time in the elements, these address plaques can begin to show wear and tear and become an eyesore instead of an item that brightens your home and yard.  Metropolis Iron’s address plaques are all created from lightweight, weatherproof materials that are designed to withstand anything Mother Nature has to offer and stand the test of time!

Stylish and Creative Curtain Tieback Ideas!

Posted by Misti On November 12th
Center Checkerboard Swarvorski Crystal Center Accent Drapery Medallion

Center Checkerboard Swarvorski Crystal Center Accent Drapery Medallion

The old fashioned way to tie curtains with the same color strips of matching fabric is gone and new styles have emerged to keep your window treatments eye appealing and stylish!  The latest fashion of curtain tie-backs includes many types and styles which not only allow air flow or light to come in through a window, but define your personal style.

All you need is to think creatively and use tie-backs as an enhancement to the overall décor of your room design.  Here are some great tie back ideas for any curtain design project!

String of Beads

Strings with beads, shiny crystal, and soft pastel plastic to a larger wooden or glass beads are a fun way to tie back curtains.  They can even be pinned with a complimentary design brooch.

Antique Doorknobs

These make unusual curtain tie backs.  Find the perfect match knobs and attach to the wall near the window.  The knob will be used to hold the curtains.  You can get knobs made of glass or interesting designed works.

Drapery Medallions

Drapery Medallions can be a great way to tie back your curtains.  Medallions come in an array of shapes, sizes, and finishes to match the décor of any room and are extremely versatile for window treatments that involve heavy drapes.

Feather Boas

Feather boas are a great curtain tie back for a little girl’s princess bedroom or a trendy playroom design.  Be sure to tie the boa loosely so that it does not lose its fluffiness.


Belts create a functional, interesting curtain tieback.  Since a belt is adjustable, it makes fitting it to any size design project incredibly easy.  Belts can be a great tieback in a man’s office or even a man cave (I know quite a few with windows!!)

Plant Hooks

Plant hooks also make great drapery tiebacks.  These are a very inexpensive solution for tiebacks that create a trendy, green look.  Plant hooks come in an array of styles and finishes to compliment the design of any room.  They can be found at your local hardware or lawn and garden store.

For The Kiddos

Soft toys with an elastic loop attached can make a creative and adorable decoration for any child’s room, but particularly a nursery.  A zoo design would look great with lion and tiger tiebacks!

What are your creative tieback ideas?!  Drop a line to us at Metropolis Iron in the comments below and we may use one of your ideas in an upcoming blog post!

Mirrored Drapery Medallion

Mirrored Drapery Medallion

Metropolis Iron's Banana Leaf Countertop Support Bracket

Metropolis Iron's Banana Leaf Countertop Support Bracket

When you think designer countertops, marble and granite are probably the first materials that pop in your mind, but recently nontraditional materials have emerged as wonderful surfaces for kitchen counters.  A few weeks ago we had posted a blog that covered a variety of these materials and today we will bring you part two in this series.  Some design trends for countertops that we have recently seen include;

1)  Soapstone:  Quarried like granite, soapstone is a naturally gray color that darkens with age.  Soapstone offers a smooth feel and matte finish and offers homeowner’s low maintenance as scratches can easily be sanded or oiled away.

2)   Recycled Glass:  With a life expectancy of over 50 years, recycled glass countertops offer an environmentally friendly design choice.  Many color choices and easy maintenance are selling points for these types of unique surfaces.

3)  Pewter:  While stainless steel offers a very “clinical” design look, pewter evokes a gentler feel.  While the look of a pewter countertop can be wonderful, it is a very delicate material and must be treated with care to avoid nicks and dings.  One option to this is having the pewter countertop overlaid with a hammered design.

4)  Slate:  Slate is no longer for walkways and roofs and has moved into many kitchen designs.  With a natural ridge and dented look to the material that many find aesthetically pleasing, slate is a wonderful material that hides nicks and dings.

5)  Quartz:  Quartz is the perfect countertop material for those looking for a material that requires little maintenance.  Due to its strength, durability, and choices of colors, quartz remains a favorite of many designers and homeowners.

No matter the type of material you decide to use for you kitchen countertops you must ensure that they are properly secured and mounted.  Countertop support brackets should be used in any design that uses a heavy material and are very appealing to the eye.  Metropolis Iron offers a large line of durable, hand crafted countertop support brackets and loves custom design orders!

Metropolis Iron's Hammered Countertop Support Bracket

Metropolis Iron's Hammered Countertop Support Bracket