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Window Treatment Trends for 2013

Posted by Misti On December 31st

Trendy Drapery Medallions

Throughout 2012, we’ve seen some great home design trends emerge, especially trendy window treatment designs.  One major trend that we’ve noticed in 2012 is “less is more.”  This trend is especially seen in the window treatment industry.  Gone are the days are multilayered, heavy drapes, hung from traditional rods.  2012 saw an explosion of sheers and lighter weight drapes, being hung or even swaged, with drapery medallions of all shapes and sizes.

Another trend we’ve seen changing is the type of rod being used in many drapery designs.  We’re no longer seeing traditional rods, but trendy rods with custom finals to match the design of the room.  Also, we are seeing drapery medallions being used in many more design schemes.  Medallions can be a great alternative to drapery rods that allows curtains to be hung in awkward spaces or to just create a unique look.

Metropolis Iron keeps all of the hottest window treatment designs in mind when creating new medallion, holdbacks, and curtain rod and final designs.  Check out our website for the latest on new products and upcoming projects!  Happy New Year!

Drapery Medallions for Massive Windows

Posted by Misti On December 24th

Extra-Large Drapery Medallion

With home designs changing, the drapery hardware  industry has had to evolve and change to fit the needs of homeowners and interior designers.  One of the biggest trends we’ve seen at Metropolis Iron is large windows including 2 and 3 story windows and windows that take up entire walls and leave little room for hanging of traditional drapery rods.

Drapery medallions work wonderfully for all types of large window treatments.  For example, for large 2 and 3 story windows that we often see used in great rooms, an extra-large drapery medallion has not only the size to be seen, but the strength to hold longer, heavier drapes.  In instances where a window takes up the majority of a wall, a medallion is small enough to contended with even the most compromising spaces.

Our large line of custom drapery medallions allows for every design plan.  Our medallions come in an array of sizes, designs & shapes, and finishes.  Visit our website to learn more or drop us a line at to discuss your custom drapery medallion needs!

The Vineyards Address Plaques

Posted by Misti On December 17th
The Vineyards Address Plaque

The Vineyards Address Plaque

Many homeowners draw a sense of pride from having a beautiful home and yard including the way their home address is represented.  Unfortunately, many homes lack a blockbuster address plaque and opt for peel and stick numbers from a “big box” store.

Metropolis Iron’s Vineyards address plaque is a gorgeous addition to any home or yard.  Constructed of lightweight, waterproof materials, the Vineyards address plaque features numbers that are 5″ tall.  The large number size allows for easy identification by emergency services, delivery drivers, and guests to your home.

The beautiful design of the Vineyards address plaque invokes visions of being in a vineyard through grape clusters and creeping grape vines that entwine your home’s address number.  Available in a variety of finishes to match your homes color schemes, the Vineyards address plaque is a must for any owner looking to bring the feel of the Vineyards into their landscape and home design.

Drapery Medallions for Curved Walls

Posted by Misti On December 10th

Drapery Medallions with a Curved Wall

Curved walls can pose definite issues when trying to create a window treatment. With companies like Metropolis Iron you can have a drapery rod custom bent to the curvature of the wall. However, there aren’t a lot of companies that specialize in fabricating custom drapery hardware or perhaps the budget doesn’t allow for a piece of custom drapery hardware. In either case, it’s necessary for interior designers, drapery workrooms and homeowners to find alternative methods to hang decorative window treatments in rooms that have curved or bowed walls.

Drapery medallions are a perfect solution to the curved wall issue that so many of us run into. Medallions don’t require a straight wall as a drapery rod does and as in the above picture, can create a custom window treatment style and design. Additionally, medallions can be hung to suit any window design such as arch and bay windows. Using drapery medallions creates an element of flexibility and creativity not always available when using standard drapery rods

Metropolis Iron’s line of drapery medallions are perfectly suited for use on curved walls and includes an array of designs, styles, sizes, shapes, and finishes. While browsing our online catalog, if you don’t see a medallion that suits your needs, just ask. We love custom orders! Thanks to HGTV for the great photo!

Corbels for Granite Countertops

Posted by Misti On December 3rd

Banana Leaf Corbel

Granite countertops can add value, elegance, and class to any kitchen design, but when using a heavy countertop material, such as granite, you must ensure that the countertop is properly supported.  There are so many choices are available for additional support for granite countertops, including corbels and countertop support brackets. Corbels come in a variety of materials, but the best choice for a heavy countertop like granite is a corbel forged of metal or iron.

Granite countertops are a costly investment, so ensuring that they are supported correctly is a must.  A poorly supported countertop can cause sagging, cracking, and a variety of other damaging effects that will need expensive repairs and in some cases, even replacement – not to mention, poses a safety risk.  Children, especially, like to hang and lean on counter tops and eat in kitchen areas.  It’s a dangerous situation to have a poorly supported counter top.

Using the correct sized corbels is a good insurance policy for your granite countertop purchase.  For example, if you have a 14” overhang, you should have a support that is at least 12” deep and 10” high.  Your best bet is ask the advice of your counter top fabricator or your carpenter to ensure you are purchasing the properly proportioned corbels for your size over hang.

In addition to providing crucial support for your granite countertop, corbels add detail and an aesthetic value to even the most intricate kitchen designs.  Some counter tops support are meant to be seen while some homeowners prefer others to blend in to the environment.  Metropolis Iron’s existing line of corbels are the kind that are MEANT to be seen!  They include many great designs, but as with all our products, if you don’t find a size you need or see a design you love, just ask!  We love custom orders!