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The Timelessness of Wrought Iron

Posted by Misti On January 28th

Wrought Iron Drapery Rod

Home designing with wrought iron is brings strength, beauty, and timelessness to any home décor situation.  The plethora of interior design items with wrought iron includes amazing styles and designs to bring sophistication to your rooms, walls and outdoors.

Obtainable in various shapes, dimensions, styles and designs wrought iron is commonly used in home décor designs. The list below talks about some common areas of the home where wrought iron can be used.

·Patio: Wrought iron garden furniture, patio benches, bistro sets, and bistro tables

· Bar: Bars, wine shelves, and bar and counter stools

· Garden: Some common wrought iron outdoor furniture ideas are arbor benches, garden benches, garden accents, garden gates, garden fences, and garden planters

· Rooms: Wrought iron tables, chandeliers, candle holders, media shelves, multipurpose baskets, plant stands, pedestal picture frames, doormats, cabinets, tables, multipurpose shelves, book shelves, bookends, brackets, clocks, drapery hardware and medallions, and mirrors

· Kitchen: Bakers’ shelves, napkin holders, casserole holders, kitchen islands, plate shelves, pot shelves, and countertop support brackets

· Bedroom: Wrought iron beds can hugely sophistication your bed room using their ornate styles. Bed room specific blanket stands and quilt shelves can further supplement your home designing with wrought iron.

· Outdoors: Address plaques, wrought iron railings and fences, primary gates, and home shutters

Home designing with wrought iron is really a phenomenon by itself. The range of wrought iron interior design items certainly promises long-term elegance. Metropolis Iron’s large line of wrought iron décor includes many of the above items!  Additionally, we love custom orders!


Drapery Medallions

Black Window Treatments

We all know how fashionable black can be.  For clothing, it’s slimming, elegant, and can dress up a night on the town, but mention the use of the color black for a window treatment and people will think you’ve lost your mind!  Black definitely isn’t a traditional window treatment color, but if done correctly can bring an added touch of style and a contemporary look to any room.

Black window treatments can be used to create a modern look by matching them with monochromatic furnishings and décor.  Keep in mind that you don’t need to have ultra-modern furnishings to pull off a black window treatment.  The design works well in any room, especially rooms with a colorful decorating scheme, as it can bring a sense of balance.

When using black curtains for a window treatment design you should be aware of your drapery hardware and be sure to use rods or drapery medallions with a lighter, brighter finish that match the other finishes in your room like tables, light fixtures, and door hardware.

Are you currently using black window treatments in a room design?  Here at Metropolis Iron, we LOVE to see what other designs and DIY’s are currently seeing as “trendy”.  Feel free to forward us you black window treatment ideas and photos to

Polka Dots are a Spot on Design Trend

Posted by Misti On January 13th

Polka Dot Drapery Medallions

Polka dots are back in trend and are popping up as design aspects in all rooms of the home.  Polka dots are being used in wall papers, fabrics, and even accessories like these great polka dot drapery medallions from Metropolis Iron.  They are a smooth, button like drapery medallion that range in diameter from 2”-5” and fit into any polka dot themed room. These polka dot drapery medallions can even be converted so they can be added onto to cornice boards.

There are some things you must keep in mind when using polka dots in your design themes.  Here are some polka dot décor dos and don’ts:

  • Don’t Over Do It:  Polka dots can be a great pattern that creates a three dimensional look, but beware, too many polka dots can create a blur in your room.
  • Multicolored Polka Dots for Kids:  Polka dots can be a great addition to a child’s room and if they are created in multiple colors, can even be used as a teaching tool for your young child!
  • Keep it Classy:  Polka dots don’t have to be just for fun, if used in the right color combinations, polka dots can create an elegant, classy look and feel.
  • Alter Sizes:  Creating a design with different size polka dots is whimsical and fun.

Polka dots are a great way to bring pattern into any room in your home and a trend that is expected to grow!

I know that we always claim how much we love custom requests and orders here at Metropolis Iron, but you know what, we really do!  I love a challenge and many times new designs create those!  Plus, the feeling that I get helping a customer with a design issue with an affordable and attractive custom solution is really why Metropolis Iron was founded!

For instance, I recently received a call from an interior designer out in Colorado.  She was quite panicked after an afternoon of searching the web for corbels for her clients new “oddly” sized kitchen island countertop.  With the countertop being made from granite, not using any type would do, it needed to be strong.  She had spent hours searching various design sites and warehouses looking for one corbel with at least a 14” depth and two corbels only needing to be 4” deep.  Trying to find specific size corbels in a matching design scheme was proving to be impossible until she stumbled across  After a brief call, we are able to create countertop support brackets for this new customer’s custom countertop that served the support function she needed, while adding a touch of beauty to her new kitchen design!

To discuss any custom design ideas or projects you may have in mind drop us a line in our comment section below!