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LasPalmasAddressPlaqueThe Las Palmas address plaque from Metropolis Iron brings a tropical feel to any yard while making your home recognizable to delivery drivers, guests, and emergency workers.  Featuring 5” tall numbers flanked by beautiful palm trees, the Las Palmas address plaque is designed of durable aluminum.  Metropolis Iron uses aluminum to create our entire line of address plaques as it is a metal that will withstand even the harshest weather conditions without showing any signs of wear and tear.

At 8 ½ inches tall, the Las Palmas address plaque is easily noticeable allowing your home to be located by emergency workers and others attempting to locate your home.  Also, the plaque is available in a variety of colors and finishes to match any homes palette.

Check out our NEW Cornice Board Medallions!

Posted by Misti On March 18th
Cornice Board and Medallion

Cornice Board and Medallion

We’ve added depth to our medallion selection, by adding cornice board medallion applications to our already large line of custom drapery hardware.  Cornice boards add depth and killer eye appeal to any window treatment design.

Cornice boards can come with or without medallions, but adding medallions bring a unique look to your cornice board that can help tie together the overall look of your room.  The cornice board medallions created by Metropolis Iron are specially forged to be able to be installed on the front of your cornice boards.  By adding a wood screw or a nut/bolt to the medallion and drilling a hole through the front of your cornice board, installation of the medallion is quite simple.  Available in many designs including scrollwork, the cornice board medallions are also available in a variety of sizes and finishes at the Metropolis Iron online showroom.

Recycled Countertop-HGTVToday there are so many kitchen counter top options for designers.  Of course there are the classics such as formica, stainless steel and granite, but over the last few years many recycled countertops have been emerging on the market.  While each has their own advantages, recycled content countertops have many benefits in addition to being eco-friendly.

While individual recycled countertops many vary between manufacturers, what they all have in common is that they’re made primarily of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials.  This may include any of the following: glass, mirrors, ceramics and porcelains (think toilets, tubs and dishes).  They are then likely mixed with recycled micronized glass, post-industrial crystallized ash (produced during burning of charcoal in industrial furnaces), quarry waste, pigments and a vegetable-based resin binder. There are a few different manufacturing techniques, which essentially consist of intense vibrations, compaction and vacuum to densify and harden the material, baking in a high efficiency vertical oven, and then honing and/or polishing of the finished slab.


Some of the advantages of recycled countertops include: 

• Mold & Mildew Resistant because of low porosity

• Scratch Resistant (not scratch proof) — only quartz performs better

• Stain Resistant

• Heat & Scorch Resistant

• Maintenance Free — only warm water and mild detergent needed for cleaning.  The surface is non-porous, so no sealing is required.

• Large Color Palette and Design Options


Recycled countertops slabs are quite heavy, so as with any cumbersome countertop material, proper support should be used.  Metropolis Iron’s large line of countertop support brackets/corbels are designed with function in mind and can bear the weight of most recycled countertop designs.  For oversized countertops we also product custom sized corbels to bear the weight of any load.  Our countertop support brackets come in an array of designs, finishes, and sizes.

Compared to other countertop materials, there is little to no destruction of the earth required to mine recycled countertops, little to no waste or polluted water during the manufacturing process, which results in highly durable, large slabs of countertop that are ecofriendly!

Drapery Medallions and Drapery RodsWe love the look of this room and especially appreciate that the HGTV designers used both drapery rods and drapery medallions in the same setting.  Pulling off a rod/medallion look can be difficult, but with these following tips, anyone should be able to create a beautiful room that incorporates both the drapery hardware design elements.

  • Use the Same Finish:  Using the same color finish on both your drapery medallions and rods will create a cohesive look.
  • Don’t Use a Feature Wall:  Make sure you keep the same color walls throughout the room.  While a feature wall can be a great addition to any room design, keeping the same color throughout, in this instance,  will pull together the look of the drapery hardware.
  • Don’t Mix Patterns:  Keeping the same patterns and colors for fabrics, furnishings, throw pillows, and other accessories will also help tie together your medallion/rod look

Metropolis Iron’s large line of custom drapery rods and medallions come in many styles and finishes that complement each other nicely and help designers to easily create a polished look!