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installed large drapery medallionWhen designers think drapery medallions they think of a round, medallion shaped drapery accessory for hanging or tying back drapes.  When they think drapery rosettes, small flower shaped drapery accessories come to mind.  Metropolis Iron is here to break the mold and change the way that designers use medallions, by introducing a line of eclectic, classic and just plain out funky shaped drapery medallions.  Medallions don’t have to be plain, round metal hangers anymore!

Jazz up your next window treatment with any of our unusually shaped drapery medallions.  Our unique medallions come in a variety of styles to match any home décor including classic, Victorian, coastal/beach, contemporary, country and many more.  Available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large, our medallions can be used for any window treatment design ideas!

real seashell drapery medallionsLooking for a tropical home décor piece that all your guests and friends are sure to talk about?  Designers, are you looking for a piece that will wow even the toughest clients?   Our REAL seashell drapery medallions are sure to enhance any coastal or beach themed design with a unique and authentic flair.  A piece exclusive to Metropolis Iron, you will not find these one of a kind drapery medallions from any other design firm.

Made from scalloped shells, polished and decorative shells, coral, starfish, and many others ranging in sizes from 2” – 6” in any of our 12 finishes.  Available in custom sizes and projections, these uncommon drapery hardware pieces can be forged to meet the needs of any coastal or beach décor home design project.

Upon an installation of some of our authentic sea shell drapery medallions last week our client commented that “They looked so real!”.  We laughed and said “They are!”  In a world where everything is fake or copied we wanted to make a statement by using the real thing.

Peeling Faded Address PlaqueOne of the questions I always get asked by my clients is “What inspires you to create one of a kind address plaques?”  I almost immediately want to pull them into my car and drive them through some of the more “upper class” areas of Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral and the surrounding Southwest Florida areas.  While many things push me to design unique, functional address plaques the biggest factor is this (and please forgive my bluntness, but there is no kind way to say this)….I despise beautiful million dollar homes with cheesy plastic numbers that are sun faded, peeling and unreadable.  Yep, this is definitely one of my biggest pet peeves in life.  It truly bothers me that people would work incredibly hard to be able to afford a gorgeous, massive dream home, yet display their house numbers in such a poor fashion.  Such a grandiose home should have its addresses displayed in a way that makes the owners proud and makes their home identifiable to visitors, delivery drivers and emergency services.  Our address plaques were created with style in mind and come in a variety of styles and finishes to compliment any home.  To view our online address plaque catalog visit us on the web at .

medium sea shell drapery medallions installedAre you currently working on an ocean themed room?  Always dreamed of having the beach in your living room?  With many designers working hard to bring the outdoors inside through well planned, creative home décor ideas, Metropolis Iron felt that the market for ocean themed drapery hardware was really lacking.  To fill the void for this type of decorative drapery hardware we created beautiful seashell and tropical drapery medallions.

Our shell drapery medallion is most sought after in a medium size of 3 ¾ x 3 ¼ although many sizes and styles are available.  Available in 10 finishes, our shell medallions can be fit into any color scheme.   We even make coastal drapery medallions made from REAL sea shells for that authentic beach window treatment.  You won’t find our real seashell drapery medallions from any other supplier because we have invented them ourselves.  Metropolis Iron’s entire line of drapery medallions, including our seashell medallions, can be created in custom projections and includes all necessary mounting hardware, paint finish of your choice, touch up paint for screw heads and shipping within the Continental United States.

Real Seashell Home Decor  medium sea shell drapery medallions installed close up

Large Drapery Medallions

Large Drapery Medallions

Here at Metropolis Iron, we take our job seriously and try to create out of the box drapery hardware products for designers, drapery fabricators, and more.  Throughout our journey as a company, we have prided ourselves on listening to customers ideas, input, and feedback.  We feel that your ideas help us better understand the needs of our clients.

As Metropolis Iron has grown over the years, our product line has grown and changed, making us the largest, most comprehensive supplier of custom iron drapery hardware and medallions in the US.  We’ve put hours of research into our competitors, their products, and how our products and selection compare.  Our online showroom is by far the largest and features the largest selection of drapery medallions from any single supplier.

Please continue to send your feedback and product ideas!  We love to hear what our clients love and don’t love about our products and it helps us to better serve you and others!