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ProtrudingDraperyMedallionIf you are a regular reader of our blog you already know that we LOVE drapery medallions!  We love everything that they bring to a window treatment design, how they tie a look together and add a unique décor piece to a room.  Many of our medallion faces are flat, but we recognized a need for a medallion that would add depth to a treatment design and created a full line of protruding drapery medallions.

Our protruding drapery medallions are designed to stand out from your window treatment and come in a variety of styles including leaves, pineapples and stars.  We also offer many traditional styles custom designed in a protruding manner.  As with all our drapery medallion selections, our protruding medallions come in a variety of finishes to match the color of any room design.  To view our full line of protruding drapery medallions visit our online showroom at

Corbelsfrom MetropolisIronCorbels have long been an integral part of architecture.  Throughout the centuries, these subtle and yet very strong architectural components lend their support to extruding surfaces, giving these surfaces the much needed ability to bear weight.  Corbels get their name from the Old French word based on the Latin “corvellus.”  Corvellus is Latin for “raven,” which indicates that corbels are named for their beak-like shape.

While these much needed components were originally made from concrete or stone, the Victorian Era ushered in the concept of wooden and iron corbels.  Able to be made much smaller than their stone counterparts, this allowed for the use of corbels to spread from the libraries and cathedrals, into smaller community buildings and even an individual’s home, while allowing for another transition.  Originally, corbels were primarily a creature of function.  Though often still made with artistry in mind, they were mainly an invention born of necessity.  With the advent of wooden and iron corbels, design became a primary feature.  Instead of structural corbels that were also decorative, the focus changed.  Now corbels were seen as mainly decorative, though also structural.

Iron corbels and countertop support brackets offer a tremendous versatility in design, with myriad possibilities for both the style and color of the corbels.  Metropolis Iron is sure to carry a decorative corbel perfectly suited to your next project!


Address Plaque

With the economy and the housing market taking a turn for the better I’ve recently had a ton of friends and acquaintances purchasing new homes.   Many folks have housewarming parties of which you should take a gift.    I always love to give smart, meaningful gifts, particularly ones that won’t be placed on a shelf and require dusting.   I always turn to one of my favorite products here at Metropolis Iron, our address plaque, when choosing the perfect give to my new homeowner friends.

Weatherproof and durable, address plaques are one of a kind, unique and elegant housewarming gifts as they last for years.  Our address plaque come in a variety of styles and feature 5” aluminum numbers.  This address plaque design is 8.5” high and length is determined by address number, allow for the plaque to stand out from the home and be noticed.  Available in a variety of finishes, Metropolis Iron’s address plaques are designed to complement any color scheme.  Every time your friend arrives to their new home they will be reminded of your friendship by the neatest housewarming gift ever, their new address plaque.

Mirror, Mirror on the Cornice Board?

Posted by Misti On August 5th

Mirrored Cornice Medallions Custom upholstered wood frame cornice boards with cornice medallions are a beautiful, inexpensive and easy way to decorate any area of your home.  Our mirrored cornice board medallions are a favorite choice among designers as they bring an edge of elegance to cornice board designs.

Most designers already know the power of a cornice; that it adds architectural interest and makes the ceiling appear higher, but many times, even with colored boards, the cornice need something additional to make them pop!  Metropolis Iron’s one of a kind, hand forged line cornice board medallions give boards that extra pop and can be incorporated into the existing theme of your room as they come in an array of styles, finishes and sizes.

One of our popular cornice mount medallion line is our mirrored cornice board medallions.  Created with designers needs in mind, this unique line of medallions was created for use specifically in cornice board mounting situations and is designed for use in all sized boards.   Adding mirrors to the drapery medallions bounces light around the room and gives the environment a playful, yet elegant feel.

mirrored drapery medallion as a cornice mount application