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DraperyMedallionsSwarvorskiCrystalsDesigners are you tired of those plain, traditional drapery medallions and rods?  Are you looking for drapery hardware that will add elegance, sparkle or pizzazz to your window treatment design?  Metropolis Iron’s line of dazzling drapery medallions will help you provide drapery medallions for window treatments that are both elegant and unusual, not found from any other source.

Some of our dazzling drapery medallions are inlaid with authentic Swarvorski crystals to add an elegant sparkle to your designs.   Our standard dazzling drapery medallions come in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to complement the color scheme of any room but custom creations are always welcomed.  Additionally, our dazzling line includes mirrored drapery medallions and medallions inlaid with colored glass stones. Check us out online at for all medallions that sparkle!

missingaddressplaqueEach home on a street is a unique abode, specific to the family that lives there.  Some homes are ranches, some a split levels.  Colors and landscaping can differentiate a home, but in the end the real identity of your home is your address.  Is your home properly identified by its street number?

Metropolis Iron’s large line of custom designed address plaques helps set your home apart from the rest of your neighbors by giving a special identity to passerby’s, visitors, emergency services and delivery drivers.  Address plaques can be particularly useful in neighborhoods and subdivisions where many of the houses have the same design or colors, helping your home stick out!  Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association to be sure variations are allowed.  Better yet, get your entire neighborhood on board with attractive address plaques to identify their homes.  Most subdivisions, including ones with multi millions dollar homes still turn out dwellings with check plastic numbers.  Unattractive finish to a beautiful project!

Our address plaques feature easy to read numbers, are weather resistant in even the harshest climates and are incredibly durable.  If you don’t see a design that compliments your home, just ask!  We love special orders!


TraditionalDraperyMedallionDesigners are you looking for a classic drapery medallion that brings a traditional feel to any window treatment design? Metropolis Iron’s large line of drapery medallions includes many traditional drapery medallions to add elegance and class to any room design.

All of our traditional drapery medallions range in size from extra-small to extra-large to complement any window or drapery combination.  Traditional drapery medallion styles include drapery rosettes, fleur-de-lis, scrollwork, Celtic designs and many more.

Available in an array of finishes our traditional drapery medallion line can be matched to the existing color scheme of any room.  Available in custom projections and sizes our entire line of drapery medallions can be specially designed and forged for any of your design needs!

The Warm Look of Butcher Block Countertops

Posted by Misti On September 9th

ButcherBlockCountertopsHGTVAre you thinking about renovating your kitchen?  Doing research on countertop materials?  If so, then The Metropolis Iron Countertop Spotlight series will help you.  Today we look at the beautiful warmth of butcher block countertops.

Material: Wood or Butcher Block

Styles: Edge grain butcher block tops have parallel wood rails that run the length of the piece.  End grain butcher block tops are created by fusing together the end pieces of wood rails into a checkerboard pattern.  End grain is considered the stronger and more durable style of the two.

Common Woods Used: Hardwoods like walnut, oak, maple, cherry, zebrawood, wenge, bamboo, or a mix of 3+ of these woods together.

Finish types: Drying oils (linseed, tung, diluted varnish); Nondrying oils (vegetable and mineral oils); paraffin or beeswax.

Environmental Impact: Mild to moderate, depending on the type of wood and whether or not it comes from salvaged or reclaimed sources or sustainably managed forests.

Pros: Warm look and feel; naturally anti-bacterial; strong and durable; biodegradable; affordable, particularly compared to granite or quartz countertops.

Cons: Requires bi-annual sanding and oiling to protect the wood; sealed counters should not be cut on.

Support Needed:  Wood countertops tend to be heavy and bulky requiring a stronger iron or metal corbel.

Care: Maintenance depends on the type of finish you have.  In general, wipe clean with damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid harsh detergents, chemicals, and puddles of standing water.  Sand out light scratches, dents and dings with a high grit sandpaper.  Recondition or oil when wood gets dull or shows signs of cracking or aging, this protects the wood and helps guard against germs and mold.

Installation: Make sure the butcher block countertop has adequate ventilation as wood can expand and contract with temperature changes.

Cost: Pre-assembled or pre-fabricated sections start around $60.

Proper Address Plaque Placement Tips

Posted by Misti On September 2nd

AddressPlaqueBlockedByLandscapingDon’t be that house!  You know the one with the tacky plastic numbers or the stick on numbers that are faded, peeling, and unaesthetic.  An address plaque from Metropolis Iron can bring a spark to any landscaping design while giving your home an identity for passerby’s, visitors and delivery/emergency services.  Handsome appearance or not, keep in mind that it’s not just about having a great address plaque, but also where you place it.

Try to place you address plaque in a place where it will be noticed.  Many opt for over or near the front door or near the street.  If you choose to hang your address plaque near your front door be sure that it is not blocked by any awnings or landscaping.  Also keep in mind the shadow that is created by your home!  Look at the area where you plan on placing you address plaque at different times of day to see if the area becomes shadowed, thus making the numbers hard to read.  If you decide to place your address plaque near the road, remember to take the placement of the plaque in relation to the road into consideration.  Put your plaque in an area that is viewable from all directions.  Additionally, put some thought into the landscaping used around your address plaque to ensure that your address can be easily viewed and isn’t covered by plants or foliage.