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Dress Up Bay Windows With Drapery Medallions

Posted by Misti On September 11th

Bay windows really add beauty to any room. During a nice day, it’s a good spot to bask in some sunshine.  Add the perfect touch to your beautiful bay windows with a nice set of curtains and drapery medallions.  The positioning of the windows may look a bit daunting, since there is more than one panel to tend to, but with the right approach and the right drapery medallions, the task can be just as easy as working with a regular window.

If your bay window has seats, make sure to choose a set of curtains short enough to graze the seats.  Otherwise, you can opt for full-length curtains that hang to the floor.  Drapery medallions make the task of hanging your curtains 100 times easier than traditional curtain rods and add an additional touch of flair and aesthetic value to your bay window area.  To view our full line of drapery medallions for bay windows, visit our online showroom at