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Counter Top Support Brackets

Counter Top Support Brackets

Corbels and brackets are mostly used in design plans as countertop support brackets, but can also be used in a variety of other places in your home and yard.

Corner Brackets: 

Corner brackets are great for a variety of design uses.  One fantastic design idea is to use a set of ornate corner brackets to embellish a window or entry way.  Also, in a home with post and beams or a screened in porch or lanai with posts, corner brackets can be used to add depth to posts.

Hanging Brackets:

Hanging brackets can be incorporated into interior or exterior design plans in a variety of ways including hanging plants, bird feeders, and candles.

Mailbox Brackets:

Mailbox brackets are used as support from your mail box to the post and while many designs are made for functionality, a decorative bracket is extremely functional and also provides curb appeal to your home.

Mantle Brackets:

While mantle brackets are generally wooden, an iron mantle bracket can be a unique alternative.

Shelf Brackets:

Decorative shelf brackets provide a wonderful alternative to drab, industrial, shelving units.  Shelves with decorative brackets can provide a unique display area in any room of your home.

Metropolis Iron provides brackets of all shapes and sizes and all of your design projects.  If you don’t see the item you are looking for on our website, please feel free to ask for more details!  We love custom projects!


Custom Shelf Brackets

Custom Shelf Brackets

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