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Fish Drapery MedallionWe love creating custom solutions for designers home décor needs!  Our fish drapery medallion is proof of that love!  When creating new designs of drapery medallions to be released on we look for the hottest trends in design and aim to fill a niche in window treatment design that others cannot.  Living in Florida and traveling throughout the United States, we see a lot of great rooms with coastal and ocean inspired designs.  Throughout our travels, we noticed that all these beautiful rooms (whether they are bathrooms, living rooms, porches, bedrooms or kids rooms) while have a great tied together coastal look, were missing a coastal aspect in their window treatment.  Many chose to use a solid palette for their drapes with a plain drapery rod that got lost in the “sea” of the room, while the treatments that used drapes with a coastal theme (shells, fish, etc.) just looked plain gaudy. To fulfill the need for a beautiful, coastal/ocean drapery medallion we created the fish drapery medallion, exclusive to Metropolis Iron!

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