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Metropolis Iron has partnered up with JSW Studios to provide the most gorgeous bronze statues and fountains you have ever laid your eyes on.   Sizes range from small desktop to more than life sized and beyond.  Many of our statues come already plumbed so they are an easy and perfect addition to gardens, pools and pond areas.

Our bronze pieces are made from lost wax cast. Styles range from nautical life such as fish, dolphins, turtles and mermaids to children swimming, swinging and smooching to wildlife such as eagles, bears and elephants.  We also offer many styles of religious type statues, zodiac type styles and can even custom make a bronze statue to replicate a special person or event in your life.  Bronze statues are a timeless addition to any area of your home.

Do you need a specific type of statue?  Contact Us!  239-298-0561


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