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DurableWeatherPlaque Winter seems to be upon the northern states a bit early this year with the majority of the country covered in snow and experiencing colder than average temperatures…and it’s not even technically “winter” yet!  The need for outdoor home décor that can withstand even the harshest weather is great.  Metropolis Iron’s line of outdoor address plaques, to be affixed to your home or placed in your yard, are made to stand the test of time in any climate.

Designed with weather in mind, address plaques from Metropolis Iron are fabricated from aluminum, which is durable, non-corrosive and able to withstand any climate.  Address plaques are important as they give homes an identity especially to emergency response vehicles and become particularly important during snowstorms as mailboxes with home numbers can become buried in snow.


Asian Greek Address PlaqueThe Asian Greek Address Plaque from Metropolis Iron allows homeowners to appeal to their cultural ties while giving their home a unique identity.  The Asian Greek Address Plaque appeals to those with a flair for European or Asian style.  The Greek Frieze easily portrays your Greek heritage yet can also take on the Oriental feel with the square, simple lines.

The numbers are 5″ H, allowing for your address to be noticeable even at a distance.  The complete dimensions for this style address plaque are 12-1/2″ H and the length will vary depending on how many numerals your address contains.

Forged from lightweight, durable aluminum, address plaques created by Metropolis Iron are weather resistant in even the harshest climates.

A design exclusive to Metropolis Iron, the Asian Greek Address Plaque is one of our specially designed address plaques.  We love custom orders!  If you don’t see an address plaque design that fits your needs, just ask!  We’re more than willing to work with you to design a one of a kind design!


BananaLeafAddressPlaqueAddress plaques are used for a variety of reasons; giving your home an identity, jazzing up your home or landscaping, identifying your home to visitors, delivery drivers, emergency services and more.  Metropolis Iron’s line of address plaques was designed with looks in mind and you’ll find that all our address plaques are very different than the plastic numbers and plaques you’ll find at your local home improvement stores.  This is true of all our address plaques, but especially our Banana Tree Boulevard Address Plaque.

This custom address plaque designed by Metropolis Iron brings a tropical theme to your yard with breathtaking swirled banana leaves encasing your 5” address numerals.  Forged from sturdy aluminum, the Banana Tree Boulevard Address Plaque will withstand even the harshest weather conditions and was designed to stand the test of time.

missingaddressplaqueEach home on a street is a unique abode, specific to the family that lives there.  Some homes are ranches, some a split levels.  Colors and landscaping can differentiate a home, but in the end the real identity of your home is your address.  Is your home properly identified by its street number?

Metropolis Iron’s large line of custom designed address plaques helps set your home apart from the rest of your neighbors by giving a special identity to passerby’s, visitors, emergency services and delivery drivers.  Address plaques can be particularly useful in neighborhoods and subdivisions where many of the houses have the same design or colors, helping your home stick out!  Be sure to check with your homeowner’s association to be sure variations are allowed.  Better yet, get your entire neighborhood on board with attractive address plaques to identify their homes.  Most subdivisions, including ones with multi millions dollar homes still turn out dwellings with check plastic numbers.  Unattractive finish to a beautiful project!

Our address plaques feature easy to read numbers, are weather resistant in even the harshest climates and are incredibly durable.  If you don’t see a design that compliments your home, just ask!  We love special orders!


Proper Address Plaque Placement Tips

Posted by Misti On September 2nd

AddressPlaqueBlockedByLandscapingDon’t be that house!  You know the one with the tacky plastic numbers or the stick on numbers that are faded, peeling, and unaesthetic.  An address plaque from Metropolis Iron can bring a spark to any landscaping design while giving your home an identity for passerby’s, visitors and delivery/emergency services.  Handsome appearance or not, keep in mind that it’s not just about having a great address plaque, but also where you place it.

Try to place you address plaque in a place where it will be noticed.  Many opt for over or near the front door or near the street.  If you choose to hang your address plaque near your front door be sure that it is not blocked by any awnings or landscaping.  Also keep in mind the shadow that is created by your home!  Look at the area where you plan on placing you address plaque at different times of day to see if the area becomes shadowed, thus making the numbers hard to read.  If you decide to place your address plaque near the road, remember to take the placement of the plaque in relation to the road into consideration.  Put your plaque in an area that is viewable from all directions.  Additionally, put some thought into the landscaping used around your address plaque to ensure that your address can be easily viewed and isn’t covered by plants or foliage.


Address Plaque

With the economy and the housing market taking a turn for the better I’ve recently had a ton of friends and acquaintances purchasing new homes.   Many folks have housewarming parties of which you should take a gift.    I always love to give smart, meaningful gifts, particularly ones that won’t be placed on a shelf and require dusting.   I always turn to one of my favorite products here at Metropolis Iron, our address plaque, when choosing the perfect give to my new homeowner friends.

Weatherproof and durable, address plaques are one of a kind, unique and elegant housewarming gifts as they last for years.  Our address plaque come in a variety of styles and feature 5” aluminum numbers.  This address plaque design is 8.5” high and length is determined by address number, allow for the plaque to stand out from the home and be noticed.  Available in a variety of finishes, Metropolis Iron’s address plaques are designed to complement any color scheme.  Every time your friend arrives to their new home they will be reminded of your friendship by the neatest housewarming gift ever, their new address plaque.

Tips for Placing your Address Plaque

Posted by Misti On July 22nd

Poor Address PlaqueOne of my biggest pet peeves in life is pulling up to a gorgeous home with cheap, plastic house numbers.  Even worse is a beautiful address plaque that is hidden from view by landscaping!  An address plaque is meant to be seen and properly complement your house!  We’ve compiled some great tips to help in placing your next address plaque from Metropolis Iron!

1. Be careful using brass or bronze numbers.  This is essentially an “invisible” number.  If sunlight or another light should reflect at just the precise angle to hit your eye, the number becomes visible for a split-second.   Worse yet, it can create a flash in driver’s view that temporarily inhibit their vision.

2. Don’t have your house number as handwriting or script.  It looks fancy but it’s very hard to see from the road.  Plain and simple numbers are much easier to spot.

3. Be sure the address plaque is properly lit.  The number should be about twelve inches from its light source.

4. Keep your numbers maintained!  We’ve seen so many homes where part of the number is missing. Worn out numbers are also troublesome. It especially makes me laugh when one number has partially fallen off and is hanging by a thread.

5. Be sure to use the correct size numbers!  Our address plaques feature number that range from 3-6” high and are easily visable!

6. Proper placement when hanging your address plaque is key! Some folks put their numbers on the grass line or porch floor, but this is actually poor placement.  The number should be displayed at eye level or higher.

7. Color, color, color!  Make sure your address plaque doesn’t blend in with your home.  Use contrasting colors to make your numbers pop! A great rule of thumb is to use the accent color of your house.  If you have a tan house with a bronze accent you should paint your address plaque a similar bronze color.

Address Plaque Placement Tips

Posted by Misti On May 6th
Poor Address Plaque Placement

Poor Address Plaque Placement

So you’ve just received your brand new address plaque from Metropolis Iron and you’re ready to show it off to the world.  You excitedly head outside to install it.  It’s only then that you realize—“I have no idea where to hang this address plaque”.

Sound familiar?  Not knowing where to hang your address plaque can be stressful.  Placing it in the wrong spot limits your house’s visual beauty.   We’ve compiled three easy tips to make address plaque placement a breeze!

Visibility:  The cardinal rule of address plaque hanging is to place the plaque somewhere that it can be seen.  The whole point of an address plaque is to be seen and make your house identifiable.  Hiding it behind a tree, bush, or plant, will undermine the plaque’s effectiveness.

Symmetry and Balance:  You want your address plaque to look like it belongs.  It should “line up” with other visual cues on the façade of your house.  A plaque that is off-center can make the entire house look awkward and unappealing.   A plaque that is closely sandwiched between a garage door and soffit will look crowded, almost like an afterthought.

Not too low, not too high:  Generally you want your plaque to hang anywhere between 4.5 ft. and 5.5 ft. high if your intent is to have it at eye level.  This is well within the average person’s visual plane and will allow them to naturally view the address plaque without craning their necks to see it.  If you intend to install it over your garage make sure you place it several inches above the garage door with leaving several inches between the plaque and the soffit.  Stand at the end of your driveway and pretend you are delivering a package.  Where would you expect to see address numbers for the house?

Don’t feel the urge to completely follow these rules because every home is different.  Use your visual judgment!

PlainandSimpleAddressPlaqueWe all know this simple fact, some people overdo it and their yards are just too busy!  Flowers here, wind chimes there, a gnome over by the mailbox; yes, some yards look like the Home Depot Lawn and Garden Center exploded in the middle of it, but then there are those of us that appreciate a more reserved, less in your face approach to lawn décor.

For folks like us, Metropolis Iron has designed a new address plaque that brings back simplicity to yard décor.  The Plain and Simple Address Plaque is simply your address numbers in an oversized frame/crisscross design around them which is clean and bold.  The numbers are 5″ H.  The Plain and Simple Address Plaque is 9″ H and the length will vary depending on the amount of numbers that in your address.  Made to stand the test of time, Metropolis Iron’s address plaques are designed from aluminum to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

The Vineyards Address Plaques

Posted by Misti On December 17th
The Vineyards Address Plaque

The Vineyards Address Plaque

Many homeowners draw a sense of pride from having a beautiful home and yard including the way their home address is represented.  Unfortunately, many homes lack a blockbuster address plaque and opt for peel and stick numbers from a “big box” store.

Metropolis Iron’s Vineyards address plaque is a gorgeous addition to any home or yard.  Constructed of lightweight, waterproof materials, the Vineyards address plaque features numbers that are 5″ tall.  The large number size allows for easy identification by emergency services, delivery drivers, and guests to your home.

The beautiful design of the Vineyards address plaque invokes visions of being in a vineyard through grape clusters and creeping grape vines that entwine your home’s address number.  Available in a variety of finishes to match your homes color schemes, the Vineyards address plaque is a must for any owner looking to bring the feel of the Vineyards into their landscape and home design.