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Happy Cyber Monday!  Holiday gift buying is in full swing and we are still worn out from Black Friday, but are so excited about all the great gifts that you can find this holiday season at for the home décor lover in your life!  Our drapery medallions, address plaques and corbels make wonderful gifts for anyone looking to add a touch of design appeal to their home.   Available in an array of styles, colors, materials and finishes our lines are hand crafted and designed in Cape Coral, FL and many feature a tropical flair found only in items crafted in The Sunshine State.  Happy Holiday’s!

Drapery MedallionsCurtains, blinds, both?  Drapery medallions or rods?   These are all questions that designers and homeowners find themselves tackling when redesigning window treatment.

Curtains have been a popular choice for windows for decades.  Since they have been in use for such a long time, they are a faithful and traditional choice as a window cover.  They come in a variety of colors and designs, so it is easy to find one that suits your taste.  You can also choose from a variety of fabrics and sizes.  Hanging your curtains can be accomplished using a traditional drapery rod or a decorative drapery medallion set.

The main advantage of curtains is that they give a cozier feeling than blinds.  They also give a more elegant touch to the décor than other window coverings.  A rich fabric with stylish draperies hung from a custom designed drapery medallion set can bring a touch of elegance, and class to the room that may be difficult to achieve with other alternatives.

Curtains are also a great option if you want privacy in your house.  If you have windows that are overlooking streets, or you live in an urban area, then privacy is a big issue.  Most definitely, you do not want the people passing by to be able to look into your home, and invade your privacy.

If you want complete privacy in your home, choose thicker curtains, or a material that is completely opaque.  One problem you may encounter with thick curtains is that they do not let much sunlight in, and do not give a breezy feeling in the room.  Although they are perfect for the winter months, in summer they can prove to be a hassle.

A good option is to choose curtains that have two layers, one sheer and one opaque.  If you want sunlight to flow in the room and want to enjoy the view outside, all you have to do is draw the opaque part on the fixed hooks on the sides so that only the sheer fabric remains on the window.  If you are not choosing the 2 layer option, ask your fabricator if they intend to line the back of the drapes.  It may add a little cost to the project but the end result is a better suited product.  It’s especially important to preserve the fabric used in the drapery.  These are expensive fabrics that you will want to preserve in any way possible.  Lining the back will help block the sun exposure directly to them.

Your choice of curtains depends on your taste and your needs.  If you are a person who values privacy and does not want noise and distortion in the house, then thick opaque curtains are the way to go.  You have to keep in mind, however, that the style you choose should complement the decor of your room and of the overall home.



outdoor drapery rods 1Memorial Day weekend, the kids are getting out of school and everyone is busy planning their fun summer activities!  Spending time outside is a rite of passage of the summertime and in recent years the outdoor living room has emerged as a popular home design trend.  An outdoor area can consist of anything from an outdoor patio with a table and chair set to elaborate outdoor living areas that include feature furniture, outdoor drapes and hardware and other décor items.

Outdoor drapery and hardware are also gaining in popularity.  If you haven’t discovered this outdoor accessory yet, they serve multiple purposes.  Use them to divide a large outdoor area into smaller, separate spaces when you are entertaining guests as it creates a cozy atmosphere. Hanging curtains will give you more cooling shade on sunny days.  It will also help to prolong the life of your outdoor furniture.

As great as outdoor drapes can be there are a few things you must be aware of prior to using them in your outdoor living room.  Due to being exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time it is important to choose not only drapes that are weather resistant, but also drapery rods and other necessary hardware.  Be sure to use drapery hardware that is specifically designed to be used in outdoor situations.  Metropolis Iron’s large line of outdoor drapery medallions and hardware will stand the test of time in even the harshest weather that summertime can throw it’s way!

Large Drapery Medallions

Large Drapery Medallions

Here at Metropolis Iron, we take our job seriously and try to create out of the box drapery hardware products for designers, drapery fabricators, and more.  Throughout our journey as a company, we have prided ourselves on listening to customers ideas, input, and feedback.  We feel that your ideas help us better understand the needs of our clients.

As Metropolis Iron has grown over the years, our product line has grown and changed, making us the largest, most comprehensive supplier of custom iron drapery hardware and medallions in the US.  We’ve put hours of research into our competitors, their products, and how our products and selection compare.  Our online showroom is by far the largest and features the largest selection of drapery medallions from any single supplier.

Please continue to send your feedback and product ideas!  We love to hear what our clients love and don’t love about our products and it helps us to better serve you and others!

Drapery Medallions and Drapery RodsWe love the look of this room and especially appreciate that the HGTV designers used both drapery rods and drapery medallions in the same setting.  Pulling off a rod/medallion look can be difficult, but with these following tips, anyone should be able to create a beautiful room that incorporates both the drapery hardware design elements.

  • Use the Same Finish:  Using the same color finish on both your drapery medallions and rods will create a cohesive look.
  • Don’t Use a Feature Wall:  Make sure you keep the same color walls throughout the room.  While a feature wall can be a great addition to any room design, keeping the same color throughout, in this instance,  will pull together the look of the drapery hardware.
  • Don’t Mix Patterns:  Keeping the same patterns and colors for fabrics, furnishings, throw pillows, and other accessories will also help tie together your medallion/rod look

Metropolis Iron’s large line of custom drapery rods and medallions come in many styles and finishes that complement each other nicely and help designers to easily create a polished look!

Selecting Outdoor Drapes and Drapery Hardware

Posted by Misti On February 18th

One question we get often here is Metropolis Iron is, “How can I produce and hang outdoor draperies that are above and beyond the ‘norm.’”  Surprisingly this isn’t a very difficult task.  With more and more homes choosing to opt for an outdoor living room or outdoor living area, the options for outdoor drapes and drapery hardware have grown.

There are many fabric options available for outdoor drapery, though the most popular is produced by Sunbrella and is guaranteed to last at least 5 years.  Some tips to keep in mind while looking for outdoor fabric:

  • Decisions, Decisions:  With so many choices, it may be hard to make a final decision on your fabric.  Look for a design and color that compliments your outdoor living area or the natural tones in your yard.
  • Shop Around:  Look for the best quality and best warranty, don’t make your decision based soley on price.  Read product reviews and be sure you are dealing with a reputable company.

After you have your draperies selected, you are ready to choose an outdoor drapery hardware solution.  Metropolis Iron’s full line of outdoor drapery hardware and outdoor drapery medallions are forged from aluminum which is durable, non-corrosive and able to withstand even the harshest outdoor climates.  From drapery rods to medallions, our outdoor line incorporates some of the hottest designs including rustic, classic, contemporary, coastal, and more.


The Timelessness of Wrought Iron

Posted by Misti On January 28th

Wrought Iron Drapery Rod

Home designing with wrought iron is brings strength, beauty, and timelessness to any home décor situation.  The plethora of interior design items with wrought iron includes amazing styles and designs to bring sophistication to your rooms, walls and outdoors.

Obtainable in various shapes, dimensions, styles and designs wrought iron is commonly used in home décor designs. The list below talks about some common areas of the home where wrought iron can be used.

·Patio: Wrought iron garden furniture, patio benches, bistro sets, and bistro tables

· Bar: Bars, wine shelves, and bar and counter stools

· Garden: Some common wrought iron outdoor furniture ideas are arbor benches, garden benches, garden accents, garden gates, garden fences, and garden planters

· Rooms: Wrought iron tables, chandeliers, candle holders, media shelves, multipurpose baskets, plant stands, pedestal picture frames, doormats, cabinets, tables, multipurpose shelves, book shelves, bookends, brackets, clocks, drapery hardware and medallions, and mirrors

· Kitchen: Bakers’ shelves, napkin holders, casserole holders, kitchen islands, plate shelves, pot shelves, and countertop support brackets

· Bedroom: Wrought iron beds can hugely sophistication your bed room using their ornate styles. Bed room specific blanket stands and quilt shelves can further supplement your home designing with wrought iron.

· Outdoors: Address plaques, wrought iron railings and fences, primary gates, and home shutters

Home designing with wrought iron is really a phenomenon by itself. The range of wrought iron interior design items certainly promises long-term elegance. Metropolis Iron’s large line of wrought iron décor includes many of the above items!  Additionally, we love custom orders!


Drapery Medallions for Massive Windows

Posted by Misti On December 24th

Extra-Large Drapery Medallion

With home designs changing, the drapery hardware  industry has had to evolve and change to fit the needs of homeowners and interior designers.  One of the biggest trends we’ve seen at Metropolis Iron is large windows including 2 and 3 story windows and windows that take up entire walls and leave little room for hanging of traditional drapery rods.

Drapery medallions work wonderfully for all types of large window treatments.  For example, for large 2 and 3 story windows that we often see used in great rooms, an extra-large drapery medallion has not only the size to be seen, but the strength to hold longer, heavier drapes.  In instances where a window takes up the majority of a wall, a medallion is small enough to contended with even the most compromising spaces.

Our large line of custom drapery medallions allows for every design plan.  Our medallions come in an array of sizes, designs & shapes, and finishes.  Visit our website to learn more or drop us a line at to discuss your custom drapery medallion needs!

Stylish and Creative Curtain Tieback Ideas!

Posted by Misti On November 12th
Center Checkerboard Swarvorski Crystal Center Accent Drapery Medallion

Center Checkerboard Swarvorski Crystal Center Accent Drapery Medallion

The old fashioned way to tie curtains with the same color strips of matching fabric is gone and new styles have emerged to keep your window treatments eye appealing and stylish!  The latest fashion of curtain tie-backs includes many types and styles which not only allow air flow or light to come in through a window, but define your personal style.

All you need is to think creatively and use tie-backs as an enhancement to the overall décor of your room design.  Here are some great tie back ideas for any curtain design project!

String of Beads

Strings with beads, shiny crystal, and soft pastel plastic to a larger wooden or glass beads are a fun way to tie back curtains.  They can even be pinned with a complimentary design brooch.

Antique Doorknobs

These make unusual curtain tie backs.  Find the perfect match knobs and attach to the wall near the window.  The knob will be used to hold the curtains.  You can get knobs made of glass or interesting designed works.

Drapery Medallions

Drapery Medallions can be a great way to tie back your curtains.  Medallions come in an array of shapes, sizes, and finishes to match the décor of any room and are extremely versatile for window treatments that involve heavy drapes.

Feather Boas

Feather boas are a great curtain tie back for a little girl’s princess bedroom or a trendy playroom design.  Be sure to tie the boa loosely so that it does not lose its fluffiness.


Belts create a functional, interesting curtain tieback.  Since a belt is adjustable, it makes fitting it to any size design project incredibly easy.  Belts can be a great tieback in a man’s office or even a man cave (I know quite a few with windows!!)

Plant Hooks

Plant hooks also make great drapery tiebacks.  These are a very inexpensive solution for tiebacks that create a trendy, green look.  Plant hooks come in an array of styles and finishes to compliment the design of any room.  They can be found at your local hardware or lawn and garden store.

For The Kiddos

Soft toys with an elastic loop attached can make a creative and adorable decoration for any child’s room, but particularly a nursery.  A zoo design would look great with lion and tiger tiebacks!

What are your creative tieback ideas?!  Drop a line to us at Metropolis Iron in the comments below and we may use one of your ideas in an upcoming blog post!

Mirrored Drapery Medallion

Mirrored Drapery Medallion

Stationary Panel Scroll Drapery Rod

Stationary Panel Scroll Drapery Rod

One of the complaints that we often hear from professional Interior Designers is about the difficulty they have finding stylish drapery rods for stationary drapery panel designs.  Using drapery medallions to hang stationary drapery panels is the most common solution to this issue.  However, we wanted to provide other solutions for interior designers, drapery workrooms and distinctive homeowners through the creation of decorative drapery rods specifically made for stationary drapery panels.

After experimenting with many different style ideas and configurations, we created the “Stationary Panel Scroll Drapery Rod,” a design exclusive to Metropolis Iron.  The complete drapery rod set comes with a large scroll end that is 11-1/2” H x 7-1/2” W , a small scroll end that is 3-3/4” H x 5” W, up to 4’ of ¾” square drapery rod, wall mount brackets with a 3” projection and touch up paint for concealing screw heads.  The already beautiful design is well complemented by square drapery rings.

The “Stationary Panel Scroll Drapery Rod” will add a degree of elegance and grace to any stationary panel design.  If you like this concept but have another design in mind feel free to contact us.

Stationary Panel Scroll Drapery Rod

Stationary Panel Scroll Drapery Rod