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Airy DrapesSheer curtains have dressed windows for decades or even centuries, but pretty much in the same fashion year after year.  Sheers reduce sunlight and provide privacy, and chances are they’ll be a design staple forevermore.  Spice up your home with a jazzy sheer-curtain look to show off your inner-designer’s adventurous, creative, contemporary side.

The typical layered looks of sheer curtains under drapes are fine, but if you’re looking for something with more design pizzazz, step beyond the stereotypical “box” confines.  Layer white sheers over colored drapes for a subtle effect; the drapery color still comes through, but as a visual “whisper.” Alternatively, infuse a bland space with a touch of color by layering bright or dark-colored sheers over white drapes.  You can still use sheers underneath to filter light and provide some privacy when the drapes are open.

To make sheers less see-through, layer them.  But rather than layering same-length panels, start with floor-length sheers topped by sheers that are one-third shorter, and then sheers that are two-thirds shorter for a gradient look.  You don’t have to use the same colored layers, but if you mix your sheers’ hues, keep the darker colors at the bottom as a visual anchor.  If you layer the same colored sheers, create an interesting twist by using one with a swirly-patterned stitch on the bottom, then one made from plain netting, and then top them with a full, gathered eyelet-patterned sheer panel, for example.  Layer works best when hung with drapery medallions.  The full line of Metropolis Iron drapery medallions come in many styles and finishes complimenting any design scenario.





So many designers are opting for a contemporary, sleek, clean look in rooms that they are currently designing.  There are many home décor items available online and in showrooms that scream funky and stylish from knobs to brackets.  We’ve heard designers cry for a line of drapery medallions that would suit all their contemporary décor needs and have listened.

Our line of funky, contemporary drapery medallions help bring together your design in any room of the home.  Create a complete window treatment with our complimentary line of contemporary drapery holdbacks to fully bring together your look.  Our contemporary drapery medallions come in a variety of styles, shades and sizes making designing even the most difficult window treatments an easy task.  Visit us online at to view our full line of contemporary drapery medallions.

ContemporaryDraperyMedallionWhen looking for that perfect drapery medallion for a design solution many designers can become frustrated attempting to locate a medallion in a specific style.  Metropolis Iron offers the largest selection of custom designed, hand forged drapery medallions including traditional and contemporary medallions.

Our line of contemporary drapery medallions are an ideal solution when an edge of today’s style is needed in a window treatment.  Contemporary medallions can include our unique medallions, dazzling drapery medallions, coastal living medallions, tropical medallions and many more.

The Metropolis Iron line of traditional drapery medallions take designers back to a simpler time.  This line features drapery rosettes and traditional Victorian and other period recreations.

Out traditional medallions work well in classic, simplistic window treatment designs, while our contemporary medallions give a design a bit more pizzazz.