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ModernDraperyMedallionWhen it comes to decorating, choosing curtains can be an exciting way to add a personal touch to the rooms in your home.  But, what about the drapery hardware itself?

Often, homeowners forget that drapery hardware can be just as important and stylish as the curtains themselves, especially when you take advantage of the full range of options available on the market today.

  • Curtain Rods – One piece of hardware that is impossible to overlook is the curtain rod itself. However, most people don’t actually take the time to choose a stylish rod because they believe that it won’t make a difference in their room.  In reality, curtain rods bring the entire window treatment together and an element that you don’t want to be without.
  • Finials – If you’ve never heard of finials before, it’s important to get familiar with them because they are one type of drapery hardware that can really add character to your room.  Finials attach to the ends of curtain rods to give your room a more finished look.  These small touches are available in  many styles and finishes, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Drapery Medallions – Using drapery medallions can help you better frame your window while still featuring your curtains.  Available in a variety of styles, patterns, and sizes, medallions can add the perfect finishing touch to a room and showcase the beauty of your curtains in a different way!

If you’ve been searching for the perfect modern drapery hardware or drapery medallions for your window treatments, then search no more.  Metropolis Iron is your one stop shop for everything concerning drapery hardware!  We offer the best variety of styles and finishes needed for window treatments.

Drapery Medallion and Hardware Selection Tips

Posted by Misti On September 29th

Drapery MedallionsChoosing drapes can be difficult, but choosing drapery medallions can sometimes be even more difficult.  Typically, this is due to the enormous range of options available.  By taking the time to understand just a few tips, you can make your window treatments both beautiful and functional.

Types of Hardware

Not all drapery hardware is created equal. In fact, some hardware is designed for utility whereas others are meant for decoration.

As you can imagine, utility hardware is often less expensive and more basic, mainly because it isn’t seen and is hidden by your drapes or valences. In contrast, decorative options can get expensive and offer more ornate designs and finishes because they are what will be seen when looking at the window.

Stationary v. Functional Needs

If you’re someone who regularly opens and closes your blinds, you will need a functional drapery medallion that is more likely to be utility hardware.  Of course, even windows with functional curtains often have some decorative, stationary elements as well.  And when it comes to hanging panels to frame the window, you will need a decorative drapery medallion that will help you make a statement.

The Right Style

Depending upon your home and /or personal preferences, you’ll choose a drapery hardware style that suits your needs and likes.  Metallic or iron hardware is ideal for contemporary styling, but can also work well in a traditional home setting.

It is true that it all comes down to your personal preferences when choosing drapery medallions, but by keeping these guiding factors in mind; it can make the selection process a bit easier.  When looking for a variety of options of drapery medallions to choose from, one can always turn to Metropolis Iron for the best selections and expert advice and guidance.

Make Your Décor Pop with Ornate Drapery Medallions

Posted by Misti On September 15th

OrnateDraperyMedallionFinding the perfect balance between the décor in your home and drapery hardware can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to achieve the perfect look.  Because most drapery medallions and other hardware materials have a distinctive style of their own, doing so can be more difficult than most people think.  But, what if there was a type of drapery hardware that you can choose to be just as unique or neutral as the décor itself? There is – Ornate Iron Drapery Medallions.

A Diverse Range of Styles to Choose From

Iron drapery hardware is known for its ornamental carvings and design, making a statement regardless of where it’s located in your home.  In fact, from elegant cutouts to details etched in the iron itself, the variety of options makes it simple for anyone to decorate no matter what qualities they’re looking for in their hardware.

Drapery Medallions with Impact

As you probably know, the mood of a room can be easily affected by the smallest details, from the centerpiece on a table to the paintings on the wall. Thus, ornate drapery medallions will definitely have an impact in bringing the room together.  Love is in the details!

When you choose iron drapery medallions and other accessories they can be as traditional or ornate as you would like.  In particular, ornamental iron designs can be extremely simple or elaborate, allowing you to customize your selection to fit right into the desired décor.  Truly, the possibilities are endless!

Mix and Match Your Hardware for Maximum Appeal

One of the best parts about iron drapery hardware is that once you find a finish that you like, you can mix and match your hardware to create new, innovative looks.  This makes the combinations endless, as purchasing new drapery medallions can give your drapery a fresh appeal without having to spend a lot of money.

For more information about our products or to peruse our inventory please visit our online showroom at

Pinecone Drapery MedallionLazy summer weekends and vacations are upon us and of course this means retreats to the family cabin or lake house.  Having a relaxing space to get away to, entertain guests and laze the summer days away is a must.  Decorating your cabin retreat should be a fun adventure just like the times that you spend there.

Choosing a woodsy décor is generally the most popular when creating a great cabin or lake home.  You should gracefully and stylish bring the natural world into your décor theme.  Most cabins feature lofts and beautiful hardwoods throughout, so try to play off the existing woodsy features in your home.  Some of our favorite woodsy décor items are:

No matter your décor choices for your cabin or lake home, Metropolis Iron hopes you enjoy your summer!



Designers looking to add traditional elements to their home décor and window treatment designs will love the Metropolis Iron line of scalloped drapery medallions.  The traditional scalloped medallions include plain styled medallions and scalloped mirrored drapery medallions for that little extra flair.

The scalloped drapery medallions come in an array of size ranging from extra small to extra large making them suitable for any project.  A variety of finishes and projections are also available for all your custom window treatment solutions.  In a contemporary world, many traditional drapery medallions and window treatments have become hard to find.  Metropolis Iron stocks many custom traditional drapery medallions and loves custom projects!  View our full line of scalloped drapery medallions online at

GemstoneDraperyMedallio StarDraperyMedallion StarDraperyMedallion2The holiday season is in full swing and visions of sugarplum fairies, tree decorating, Santa Claus and creating a beautiful holiday home are dancing through all our heads.  If you are looking for a unique holiday decorating idea, try holiday themed drapery medallions from Metropolis Iron.

Our line of holiday drapery medallions include many star variations, red and green gems and much more.  This line was created to add pizzazz to your holiday decorating ideas and creates a unique touch to any room that will leave your holiday visitors buzzing!

If you don’t see a drapery medallion that suits your holiday decorating needs just ask!  We love a challenge and accept all custom orders!  Let us help make your holiday decorating vision a reality!  Happy Holiday’s!

Star Drapery medallionScrolls AddressHoops Corbel

Happy Cyber Monday!  Holiday gift buying is in full swing and we are still worn out from Black Friday, but are so excited about all the great gifts that you can find this holiday season at for the home décor lover in your life!  Our drapery medallions, address plaques and corbels make wonderful gifts for anyone looking to add a touch of design appeal to their home.   Available in an array of styles, colors, materials and finishes our lines are hand crafted and designed in Cape Coral, FL and many feature a tropical flair found only in items crafted in The Sunshine State.  Happy Holiday’s!

ExtrasmalldraperymedallionDesigners looking to add a delicate touch to any window treatment will love our line of extra small drapery medallions.  Perfect for those subdued situations, working with a very small window scenario and many other designs, our extra small medallions are up to 2” in diameter.

Extra small drapery medallions are available in an array of styles including traditional, seashore, tropical and more.  Our line of delicate drapery medallions include the popular drapery rosette.  As with all drapery medallions in the Metropolis Iron catalog, our extra small medallions are available in a variety of finishes to meet your decorating needs.

With a 3” projection, our medallions allow for layering or swagging your drapery.  Should a larger or smaller projection be needed, we can help!  All our drapery medallions are available in custom designs!  We love a challenge and strive to meet all of our customer’s unique decorating needs.  Visit us online at to learn more.

Moving? Think Drapery Medallions for your New Home!

Posted by Misti On November 11th

metropolis iron drapery medallionBuying a new house or even moving into a new rental unit can be an exciting and stressful time for anyone!  There are a lot of unforeseen additions to the move that aren’t even realized; window treatments are one of them.  What do you do when you move into a house and your windows are bare? At one end of the extreme spectrum you may be publicly exposed to your new neighborhood with lack of privacy (like blinds or shades).  At the other end of the spectrum you may just lack interior style (with the absence of valances, drapery panels, etc. ).  We recommend that you support a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER by contacting them about any type of window treatment.  You will gain their expertise in the arena of window treatments while supporting a small business owner.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Drapery medallions can create a quick and easy solution that adds a great edge of design appeal to any room in your new home.  Medallions can be used to create a different look and feel than a traditional, straight drapery rod and can also be used in scenarios when an oddly shaped window is involved or a “nook” area with windows.

Using drapery medallions allows you to create dramatic window treatments and can be used to swag your curtains or in a traditional vertical hanging fashion.  Additionally, installing drapery medallions is quick and easy.  The wall mount brackets included with each of our drapery medallions installs in just minutes with the use of 3 screws and a drill.  Metropolis Iron even include touch up paint for the screw heads!

Straight vs. Curved Drapery Holdbacks

Posted by Misti On July 15th

Curved Drapery HoldbacksDrapery holdbacks are an important feature of any complete window treatment design.  Holdbacks tie together your look while remaining functional.  Used for a variety of uses in a window treatment, drapery holdbacks allow sunlight to enter and add a decorative flair to your treatment.

Drapery holdbacks come in a curved and straight style.  Metropolis Iron’s online showroom features both of these highly sought after styles.  Our curved medallions are great for holding back your drapes, even those that may be bulky and cumbersome.  If you are searching for a unique drapery rod alternative, try our many styles of straight drapery medallions.  Our straight holdbacks are wonderful for use as a traditional holdback, but can make any treatment pop in lieu of using a drapery rod.

As with all of Metropolis Iron’s product line, our holdbacks are available in a variety of designs, sizes, finishes and projections for all your window treatment design needs.