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ModernDraperyMedallionWhen it comes to decorating, choosing curtains can be an exciting way to add a personal touch to the rooms in your home.  But, what about the drapery hardware itself?

Often, homeowners forget that drapery hardware can be just as important and stylish as the curtains themselves, especially when you take advantage of the full range of options available on the market today.

  • Curtain Rods – One piece of hardware that is impossible to overlook is the curtain rod itself. However, most people don’t actually take the time to choose a stylish rod because they believe that it won’t make a difference in their room.  In reality, curtain rods bring the entire window treatment together and an element that you don’t want to be without.
  • Finials – If you’ve never heard of finials before, it’s important to get familiar with them because they are one type of drapery hardware that can really add character to your room.  Finials attach to the ends of curtain rods to give your room a more finished look.  These small touches are available in  many styles and finishes, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Drapery Medallions – Using drapery medallions can help you better frame your window while still featuring your curtains.  Available in a variety of styles, patterns, and sizes, medallions can add the perfect finishing touch to a room and showcase the beauty of your curtains in a different way!

If you’ve been searching for the perfect modern drapery hardware or drapery medallions for your window treatments, then search no more.  Metropolis Iron is your one stop shop for everything concerning drapery hardware!  We offer the best variety of styles and finishes needed for window treatments.

Drapery Medallion and Hardware Selection Tips

Posted by Misti On September 29th

Drapery MedallionsChoosing drapes can be difficult, but choosing drapery medallions can sometimes be even more difficult.  Typically, this is due to the enormous range of options available.  By taking the time to understand just a few tips, you can make your window treatments both beautiful and functional.

Types of Hardware

Not all drapery hardware is created equal. In fact, some hardware is designed for utility whereas others are meant for decoration.

As you can imagine, utility hardware is often less expensive and more basic, mainly because it isn’t seen and is hidden by your drapes or valences. In contrast, decorative options can get expensive and offer more ornate designs and finishes because they are what will be seen when looking at the window.

Stationary v. Functional Needs

If you’re someone who regularly opens and closes your blinds, you will need a functional drapery medallion that is more likely to be utility hardware.  Of course, even windows with functional curtains often have some decorative, stationary elements as well.  And when it comes to hanging panels to frame the window, you will need a decorative drapery medallion that will help you make a statement.

The Right Style

Depending upon your home and /or personal preferences, you’ll choose a drapery hardware style that suits your needs and likes.  Metallic or iron hardware is ideal for contemporary styling, but can also work well in a traditional home setting.

It is true that it all comes down to your personal preferences when choosing drapery medallions, but by keeping these guiding factors in mind; it can make the selection process a bit easier.  When looking for a variety of options of drapery medallions to choose from, one can always turn to Metropolis Iron for the best selections and expert advice and guidance.

OrnateDraperyMedallionFinding the perfect balance between the décor in your home and drapery hardware can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to achieve the perfect look.  Because most drapery medallions and other hardware materials have a distinctive style of their own, doing so can be more difficult than most people think.  But, what if there was a type of drapery hardware that you can choose to be just as unique or neutral as the décor itself? There is – Ornate Iron Drapery Medallions.

A Diverse Range of Styles to Choose From

Iron drapery hardware is known for its ornamental carvings and design, making a statement regardless of where it’s located in your home.  In fact, from elegant cutouts to details etched in the iron itself, the variety of options makes it simple for anyone to decorate no matter what qualities they’re looking for in their hardware.

Drapery Medallions with Impact

As you probably know, the mood of a room can be easily affected by the smallest details, from the centerpiece on a table to the paintings on the wall. Thus, ornate drapery medallions will definitely have an impact in bringing the room together.  Love is in the details!

When you choose iron drapery medallions and other accessories they can be as traditional or ornate as you would like.  In particular, ornamental iron designs can be extremely simple or elaborate, allowing you to customize your selection to fit right into the desired décor.  Truly, the possibilities are endless!

Mix and Match Your Hardware for Maximum Appeal

One of the best parts about iron drapery hardware is that once you find a finish that you like, you can mix and match your hardware to create new, innovative looks.  This makes the combinations endless, as purchasing new drapery medallions can give your drapery a fresh appeal without having to spend a lot of money.

For more information about our products or to peruse our inventory please visit our online showroom at

Airy DrapesSheer curtains have dressed windows for decades or even centuries, but pretty much in the same fashion year after year.  Sheers reduce sunlight and provide privacy, and chances are they’ll be a design staple forevermore.  Spice up your home with a jazzy sheer-curtain look to show off your inner-designer’s adventurous, creative, contemporary side.

The typical layered looks of sheer curtains under drapes are fine, but if you’re looking for something with more design pizzazz, step beyond the stereotypical “box” confines.  Layer white sheers over colored drapes for a subtle effect; the drapery color still comes through, but as a visual “whisper.” Alternatively, infuse a bland space with a touch of color by layering bright or dark-colored sheers over white drapes.  You can still use sheers underneath to filter light and provide some privacy when the drapes are open.

To make sheers less see-through, layer them.  But rather than layering same-length panels, start with floor-length sheers topped by sheers that are one-third shorter, and then sheers that are two-thirds shorter for a gradient look.  You don’t have to use the same colored layers, but if you mix your sheers’ hues, keep the darker colors at the bottom as a visual anchor.  If you layer the same colored sheers, create an interesting twist by using one with a swirly-patterned stitch on the bottom, then one made from plain netting, and then top them with a full, gathered eyelet-patterned sheer panel, for example.  Layer works best when hung with drapery medallions.  The full line of Metropolis Iron drapery medallions come in many styles and finishes complimenting any design scenario.




PlainDraperyMedallionIf you are planning to decorate the windows of your home with something colorful and modern, patterned curtains may be just what you are looking for.  Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you choose what type of drapes to adorn the windows of your home!

Patterned curtains are the best way to add decorative detail to a neutral room.  The pattern makes a focal point without overpowering the room of your home.  Think about the scale of the window treatments.  Putting a small curtain on a large window is like putting on pants that are too short.  It just looks funny.  A large window can handle a large bold pattern.  For drapery panels, hang the curtains close to the ceiling to make to fool the eye into thinking that the window in your home is even much larger.

Remember to measure so that you have a generous amount of fabric that creates more appeal in the room of your home using a constant pattern that draws attention to the beautiful window in your home and the details.  If the room of your home is a busy room, you can still use patterned curtains.  The idea is to keep the pattern subtle and tiny.  This way you will get the added benefit of texture and pattern, but it won’t fight with the business of the room.

Additionally, use a plain, dressed down drapery medallion.  An elaborate designed medallion, will get lost in the pattern of your drapes.  Choose a plain medallion that compliments your patterned drapes.  Our design lines at Metropolis Iron include many beautiful medallions, that won’t take away from your drapes, yet enhance the overall look of your window treatment.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to texture, style and color in patterned curtains for your home.  It’s just a matter of narrowing down your choices and then picking curtains and drapery medallions that compliment the style of your home!



Pinecone Drapery MedallionLazy summer weekends and vacations are upon us and of course this means retreats to the family cabin or lake house.  Having a relaxing space to get away to, entertain guests and laze the summer days away is a must.  Decorating your cabin retreat should be a fun adventure just like the times that you spend there.

Choosing a woodsy décor is generally the most popular when creating a great cabin or lake home.  You should gracefully and stylish bring the natural world into your décor theme.  Most cabins feature lofts and beautiful hardwoods throughout, so try to play off the existing woodsy features in your home.  Some of our favorite woodsy décor items are:

No matter your décor choices for your cabin or lake home, Metropolis Iron hopes you enjoy your summer!


Creating a Zen Chic Interior Design

Posted by Misti On July 7th

Zen Drapery MedallionWhen you hear the word Zen, does a peaceful and relaxing scenario come to mind?  Everyone needs a space that makes them feel relaxed especially considering that most people are busy with their daily activities and work.  With our busy lives, many of us never have the time to go to a place that makes us feel reinvigorated.  So, why don’t you create a Zen interior so that when you get home you will feel relaxed and stress-free?  Here are some handy tips from Metropolis Iron to turn any room into a relaxing, Zen filled space!

Use earth tones

A Zen interior starts with earth tones.  These are colors of soft tones like gray, white, and those with the shade of beige or pink beige.  When choosing a color scheme, choose a dominant or primary color and then a few complimentary colors for décor like pillows and window treatments.

Place natural fabrics

The color of your fabric has to be light and soft, too.  Make use of natural fabrics that are comfortable and would add a softer look to your area.  You can use linen or wool for your coverings and window treatments.  You can also add a soft carpet to make the room appear more relaxing.

Use simple furniture

Furniture meant for a Zen interior is simple and makes use of clean lines.  Do not use furniture with intricate designs and complicated lines as this will not fit in your Zen look.  Choose those that are minimal in design but still looks good for your interior.  Some modern and contemporary furniture will fit into the Zen category but ensure that it uses natural materials to bring in sense of warmth and relaxation.

Minimize decorations

Your decorations should also be minimized.  Do not place too many items on display.  You should also avoid colorful paintings and lots of framed pictures on the wall.  Everything has to be simple.  If you want to display some knick knacks, you can allocate a place for them but make sure that it doesn’t look cluttered.

Incorporate the Zen elements.

Include the five elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood.  These are classic elements from various traditions but are usually incorporated to get a Zen look.  Fire includes the fireplace, fire bowls and candles.  Earth includes stones, pebbles and plants.  Water can be added by placing images of water scenes or a water fountain.  Metal can be used for the furniture, frames, sculptures and custom drapery medallions.  Wood can also be incorporated through furniture or you can get that from bamboo and tree decorations.

Scarf Valance Drapery MedallionsThe flowing beauty of a scarf valance adds character to home window treatments.  With many ways to drape a scarf valance, it is simple to change the look in each room of the home.  Whether the scarf valance is positioned over panels of drapery, sheer curtains or blinds, it adds color and texture to the room.  A swag-style scarf valance using drapery medallions is quite an easy look to accomplish.

First, prepare the window for the valance.  Choose decorative drapery medallions to hold the scarf valance.  Use a drill to install the drapery medallions above the window frame.  Drapery medallion sets from Metropolis Iron include all necessary hardware including touch up paint to cover those unsightly screw heads.  Next, measure the width of the window and install a drapery medallion a few inches past the window casing on each end.  Use a level to ensure they are straight and flush.

Next, prepare to swag the valance.  Lay the valance out on a large table or the floor.  Place the backside of the fabric toward the ceiling.  Stretch the fabric lengthwise in front of you.  Fold the fabric in an accordion style, keeping the pleats an equal width.

Now, measure the height of the windows.  Start at the drapery medallion and go down to the desired length of the finished swag.  This is usually just above the window sill.  Then use the tape measure to measure the same amount on each end of the valance.  Use a decorative drapery cord to tie a loose knot around each measured spot on the valance.

Now you are ready to hang the valance.  Pick up the valance by the knotted cords and turn the fabric so the backside faces the glass.  Take the scarf valance to the window, and then rest each knotted section on the corresponding drapery medallion.  Allow the center portion of the valance to dip down in front of the window.  The amount of curve will be determined by the length of the scarf valance purchased.

Take a step back and smile as you look at the amazing window treatment that you have just created using only drapery medallions from Metropolis Iron, a scarf valance, a measuring tape, a drill and a bit of time!  Your inner designer is shining!


AmericanaDraperyMedallions1 AmericanaDraperyMedallions2Are you feeling patriotic?  How about a little red, white and blue for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend?  Nothing makes us feel more patriotic than seeing interiors that have been decorated with artifacts related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States.   All that’s needed to make your home pop with patriotism are some white moldings, bead board, vivid colorful accents, a few flags, folk art, maybe a quilt or two, and, of course, you have to have a Windsor chair in there somewhere.

But what about blending Americana style into your window treatments?  Of course you can use colorful drapes, but don’t you feel there is something else you could do?  We found many clients asking the same questions and created our line of Americana drapery medallions with these design challenges in mind.  Our Americana designs bring you back to a day of Colonial America and help you create a window treatment that stays within the style of the rest of your home design.

Americana is lovely, fresh, summery and so incredibly appealing!  To learn more about out Americana drapery medallions, check us out on the web at


The Allure of Asian Inspired Home Design

Posted by Misti On April 28th

Oriental Drapery MedallionOne of the hottest trends we are currently seeing in the interior design world is the fusion of Asian inspired designs in both architecture and home design elements.  Here at Metropolis Iron, we are throwing in our take on Asian inspired home décor with our new Oriental drapery medallions.  Bring a feeling of Zen into your home with these beautiful medallions that will tie together the look in an Asian inspired home.

While sold in our online showroom in extra-large size, we also offer our Oriental drapery medallions in a variety of custom sizes from extra-small to large depending on your design needs.  Also, the medallions come in an array of finishes to match any color scheme.  Need a special projection?  We can help!  We love custom orders!  Check us out at to view our full line of beautiful drapery medallions.