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Outdoor Garden Room OutdoorGardenRoomDraperyMedallion

Spring is starting to show it’s signs throughout the country, a welcome sign to many in the north that have dealt with unbearable cold and record setting snowfall totals.  As the robins invade and crocus pop through the ground, many people are planning their gardens and outdoor area for the spring and summer of 2014.  One of the hottest trends in outdoor design is garden rooms.  Garden rooms can be incredibly simplistic to overly luxurious, but all aim to bring the indoor out and provide an outdoor area to relax, meditate and entertain.

Garden rooms generally feature some type of awning top and four sides, although the styles can vary greatly.  Simplistic garden rooms can involve something as easy as four posts with curtain walls and a curtain top while luxurious garden rooms, like that pictured, can feature more intricate details and style.  Regardless of your budget and space constraints, aim to create a garden room that will be a place where you will be comfortable and tranquil.

Choosing curtains and drapery hardware for your garden room should be one of the most important factors of planning your outdoor garden room.  Choose a curtain and/or awning that is weather resistant and will be able to withstand a few summer seasons of heat, sun and rain.  This also holds true for drapery hardware.  Select a hardware that is made of weather resistant materials that will allow for multiple seasons of outdoor use.

When used in an outdoor garden room, drapery medallion can add some pizzazz to your design.  Our lines of drapery medallions come in many styles and you are sure to find a medallion suitable for your particular needs and liking.  Weather resistant and perfect for outdoor garden rooms, the full line of drapery medallions  available at also come in many projections and finishes for custom projects!


Designers looking to add traditional elements to their home décor and window treatment designs will love the Metropolis Iron line of scalloped drapery medallions.  The traditional scalloped medallions include plain styled medallions and scalloped mirrored drapery medallions for that little extra flair.

The scalloped drapery medallions come in an array of size ranging from extra small to extra large making them suitable for any project.  A variety of finishes and projections are also available for all your custom window treatment solutions.  In a contemporary world, many traditional drapery medallions and window treatments have become hard to find.  Metropolis Iron stocks many custom traditional drapery medallions and loves custom projects!  View our full line of scalloped drapery medallions online at

Star Drapery medallionScrolls AddressHoops Corbel

Happy Cyber Monday!  Holiday gift buying is in full swing and we are still worn out from Black Friday, but are so excited about all the great gifts that you can find this holiday season at for the home décor lover in your life!  Our drapery medallions, address plaques and corbels make wonderful gifts for anyone looking to add a touch of design appeal to their home.   Available in an array of styles, colors, materials and finishes our lines are hand crafted and designed in Cape Coral, FL and many feature a tropical flair found only in items crafted in The Sunshine State.  Happy Holiday’s!

ExtrasmalldraperymedallionDesigners looking to add a delicate touch to any window treatment will love our line of extra small drapery medallions.  Perfect for those subdued situations, working with a very small window scenario and many other designs, our extra small medallions are up to 2” in diameter.

Extra small drapery medallions are available in an array of styles including traditional, seashore, tropical and more.  Our line of delicate drapery medallions include the popular drapery rosette.  As with all drapery medallions in the Metropolis Iron catalog, our extra small medallions are available in a variety of finishes to meet your decorating needs.

With a 3” projection, our medallions allow for layering or swagging your drapery.  Should a larger or smaller projection be needed, we can help!  All our drapery medallions are available in custom designs!  We love a challenge and strive to meet all of our customer’s unique decorating needs.  Visit us online at to learn more.

photoWe listen to the needs of our designers and clients here at Metropolis Iron!  We’ve recently had a flood of requests for a traditional styled drapery medallion that includes texture and will add depth to any window treatment.  Our solution, ruffled drapery medallions!

Our new ruffled drapery medallions will pop in any treatment scenario and come in 3 sizes; small, medium and large to meet all your home décor and design needs.  Each of our medallions comes in a standard 3’ projection, although custom projections are available by request.  Additionally, each of our ruffled medallions comes with all hardware for easy installation.  Available in 10 finishes, our medallions can be matched to any existing color or hardware scheme.

Our ruffled medallions are the newest addition to our collection of unique drapery medallions which include medallions made from seashells, jeweled medallions and many more.  Check out  for information on all our drapery medallion styles and designs.

Ruffled Drapery Medallions

Large Drapery Medallions

Large Drapery Medallions

Here at Metropolis Iron, we take our job seriously and try to create out of the box drapery hardware products for designers, drapery fabricators, and more.  Throughout our journey as a company, we have prided ourselves on listening to customers ideas, input, and feedback.  We feel that your ideas help us better understand the needs of our clients.

As Metropolis Iron has grown over the years, our product line has grown and changed, making us the largest, most comprehensive supplier of custom iron drapery hardware and medallions in the US.  We’ve put hours of research into our competitors, their products, and how our products and selection compare.  Our online showroom is by far the largest and features the largest selection of drapery medallions from any single supplier.

Please continue to send your feedback and product ideas!  We love to hear what our clients love and don’t love about our products and it helps us to better serve you and others!

The Timelessness of Wrought Iron

Posted by Misti On January 28th

Wrought Iron Drapery Rod

Home designing with wrought iron is brings strength, beauty, and timelessness to any home décor situation.  The plethora of interior design items with wrought iron includes amazing styles and designs to bring sophistication to your rooms, walls and outdoors.

Obtainable in various shapes, dimensions, styles and designs wrought iron is commonly used in home décor designs. The list below talks about some common areas of the home where wrought iron can be used.

·Patio: Wrought iron garden furniture, patio benches, bistro sets, and bistro tables

· Bar: Bars, wine shelves, and bar and counter stools

· Garden: Some common wrought iron outdoor furniture ideas are arbor benches, garden benches, garden accents, garden gates, garden fences, and garden planters

· Rooms: Wrought iron tables, chandeliers, candle holders, media shelves, multipurpose baskets, plant stands, pedestal picture frames, doormats, cabinets, tables, multipurpose shelves, book shelves, bookends, brackets, clocks, drapery hardware and medallions, and mirrors

· Kitchen: Bakers’ shelves, napkin holders, casserole holders, kitchen islands, plate shelves, pot shelves, and countertop support brackets

· Bedroom: Wrought iron beds can hugely sophistication your bed room using their ornate styles. Bed room specific blanket stands and quilt shelves can further supplement your home designing with wrought iron.

· Outdoors: Address plaques, wrought iron railings and fences, primary gates, and home shutters

Home designing with wrought iron is really a phenomenon by itself. The range of wrought iron interior design items certainly promises long-term elegance. Metropolis Iron’s large line of wrought iron décor includes many of the above items!  Additionally, we love custom orders!


Scroll Shaped Drapery Medallions

Scroll Shaped Drapery Medallions

When many designers think about drapery medallions, a round design around 3-4” pops in their minds.  We classify this size medallion as a “Medium Drapery Medallion”.   Did you know that mixing up the shape and size of your medallion can make for some fabulous window treatment designs?

Your first obstacle is that most suppliers of drapery medallions and curtain rosettes don’t have much of a selection.  Metropolis Iron, Inc. has studied the market and heard your cries for variety in size, shape and style of curtain medallions and drapery rosettes and is here to rescue you. We intend to be every designer’s secret weapon in creating off the chart window treatments.

First, consider the size of your drapery medallion.  Yes, 3-4” can be a great medallion size for most window treatments. It’s actually the most commonly used size drapery hanger.  We are not sure if it’s because it’s one of the only sizes available or because it’s the size interior designers and drapery workrooms prefer (We would love to know this answer by the way). What about when a smaller or larger medallion is needed?  Designers should consider all drapery medallion sizes from extra-small (1 ½-2”) to extra-large (7-12 ¾”). Using larger medallions will ensure that they don’t get lost in a room with tall ceilings. Using smaller medallions ensures that the overall window treatment is not overpowering in smaller, simpler spaces.

Next, consider the shape of the medallion.  Many designers purchase a round design.  Again we are not sure if this is because that is all available or that they prefer this shape (We’d love to know the answer to this question as well).  However, contrary to popular belief, medallions come in an array of shapes and sizes including square, rectangle, and other custom designs such as fish, fleur-de-lis, diamond shaped and much more.

Metropolis Iron’s large line of drapery medallions includes designs in all shapes, sizes and styles.  If you don’t see your design idea on our website, please ask! We love custom orders and will always accommodate your design ideas!

Unique Drapery Medallions

Unique Drapery Medallions


Drapery Hardware Terms

Posted by Misti On August 20th
Specialty Medallions Designed by Metropolis Iron

Specialty Medallions Designed by Metropolis Iron

There are so many elements to a complete drapery hardware sets.  There are finials, drapery medallions, drapery rods, drapery rings and more.  Not sure what drapery hardware will work best for your specific design idea? Or better yet, do you have space restrictions?  Read on for easy to understand terminology for the most basic drapery hardware components.

Finials:  Finials are the decorative components at the ends of rods and come in a wide variety of styles and finishes.  Their purpose is to keep the drapery rings from sliding off the drapery rod.

Endcaps:  Endcaps are used in lieu of finials.  They are usually used when there isn’t enough space between the wall and the end of the rod to use a finial or when the customer is trying to achieve a minimalistic appearance. They close off the end of the drapery rod in a clean termination.

Drapery Rings: Rings are what the drapery panels are attached to so the panels can be moved back and forth. They come in different styles, colors and sizes to fit the appropriate rod.

Drapery Holdbacks:  Holdbacks are exactly what they sound like: they hold back the drapery panel from the window and allow natural light into a room.   They can be curved or straight and usually have a finial or a medallion attached.

Drapery Medallions:  Medallions are an alternate way to hang window treatments other than the traditional drapery rod.  Drapery panels or valances are either hung or swagged from them.  Medallions can also be inserted into cornice boards to add depth and dimension.  Medallions are often used to hang treatments in awkward areas of the home that don’t allow for a traditional rod to be hung.

For more information on the types of custom drapery hardware created at Metropolis Iron please visit our website.

Drapery Rings

Drapery Rings

Choosing a Medium/Large Drapery Medallion

Posted by Misti On June 18th


Medium/Large Drapery Medallion

Medium/Large Drapery Medallion

Medium/Large drapery medallions are by far the most popular choice for designing eye popping window treatments.  While, extra small, small, and extra-large drapery medallions are perfect for custom design projects that require a different sized medallion, the most commonly used medallion sizes are medium/large.

Medium/Large drapery medallions range in size from 4 1/4” to 6” and are best used as a stylish alternative to a traditional drapery rod.  Using medallions in your window treatment design allows you to swag, swish and drape in ways that drapery rod applications cannot.  Metropolis Iron’s enhanced line of medium/large medallions all include a simple to install wall mount bracket.  Projection for our medium drapery medallions is 3”, but custom projection is available upon request for design projects that include shutters or blinds.