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OrnateDraperyMedallionFinding the perfect balance between the décor in your home and drapery hardware can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to achieve the perfect look.  Because most drapery medallions and other hardware materials have a distinctive style of their own, doing so can be more difficult than most people think.  But, what if there was a type of drapery hardware that you can choose to be just as unique or neutral as the décor itself? There is – Ornate Iron Drapery Medallions.

A Diverse Range of Styles to Choose From

Iron drapery hardware is known for its ornamental carvings and design, making a statement regardless of where it’s located in your home.  In fact, from elegant cutouts to details etched in the iron itself, the variety of options makes it simple for anyone to decorate no matter what qualities they’re looking for in their hardware.

Drapery Medallions with Impact

As you probably know, the mood of a room can be easily affected by the smallest details, from the centerpiece on a table to the paintings on the wall. Thus, ornate drapery medallions will definitely have an impact in bringing the room together.  Love is in the details!

When you choose iron drapery medallions and other accessories they can be as traditional or ornate as you would like.  In particular, ornamental iron designs can be extremely simple or elaborate, allowing you to customize your selection to fit right into the desired décor.  Truly, the possibilities are endless!

Mix and Match Your Hardware for Maximum Appeal

One of the best parts about iron drapery hardware is that once you find a finish that you like, you can mix and match your hardware to create new, innovative looks.  This makes the combinations endless, as purchasing new drapery medallions can give your drapery a fresh appeal without having to spend a lot of money.

For more information about our products or to peruse our inventory please visit our online showroom at

Scarf Valance Drapery MedallionsThe flowing beauty of a scarf valance adds character to home window treatments.  With many ways to drape a scarf valance, it is simple to change the look in each room of the home.  Whether the scarf valance is positioned over panels of drapery, sheer curtains or blinds, it adds color and texture to the room.  A swag-style scarf valance using drapery medallions is quite an easy look to accomplish.

First, prepare the window for the valance.  Choose decorative drapery medallions to hold the scarf valance.  Use a drill to install the drapery medallions above the window frame.  Drapery medallion sets from Metropolis Iron include all necessary hardware including touch up paint to cover those unsightly screw heads.  Next, measure the width of the window and install a drapery medallion a few inches past the window casing on each end.  Use a level to ensure they are straight and flush.

Next, prepare to swag the valance.  Lay the valance out on a large table or the floor.  Place the backside of the fabric toward the ceiling.  Stretch the fabric lengthwise in front of you.  Fold the fabric in an accordion style, keeping the pleats an equal width.

Now, measure the height of the windows.  Start at the drapery medallion and go down to the desired length of the finished swag.  This is usually just above the window sill.  Then use the tape measure to measure the same amount on each end of the valance.  Use a decorative drapery cord to tie a loose knot around each measured spot on the valance.

Now you are ready to hang the valance.  Pick up the valance by the knotted cords and turn the fabric so the backside faces the glass.  Take the scarf valance to the window, and then rest each knotted section on the corresponding drapery medallion.  Allow the center portion of the valance to dip down in front of the window.  The amount of curve will be determined by the length of the scarf valance purchased.

Take a step back and smile as you look at the amazing window treatment that you have just created using only drapery medallions from Metropolis Iron, a scarf valance, a measuring tape, a drill and a bit of time!  Your inner designer is shining!


Fish Drapery MedallionWe love creating custom solutions for designers home décor needs!  Our fish drapery medallion is proof of that love!  When creating new designs of drapery medallions to be released on we look for the hottest trends in design and aim to fill a niche in window treatment design that others cannot.  Living in Florida and traveling throughout the United States, we see a lot of great rooms with coastal and ocean inspired designs.  Throughout our travels, we noticed that all these beautiful rooms (whether they are bathrooms, living rooms, porches, bedrooms or kids rooms) while have a great tied together coastal look, were missing a coastal aspect in their window treatment.  Many chose to use a solid palette for their drapes with a plain drapery rod that got lost in the “sea” of the room, while the treatments that used drapes with a coastal theme (shells, fish, etc.) just looked plain gaudy. To fulfill the need for a beautiful, coastal/ocean drapery medallion we created the fish drapery medallion, exclusive to Metropolis Iron!

metropolis iron drapery medallionBuying a new house or even moving into a new rental unit can be an exciting and stressful time for anyone!  There are a lot of unforeseen additions to the move that aren’t even realized; window treatments are one of them.  What do you do when you move into a house and your windows are bare? At one end of the extreme spectrum you may be publicly exposed to your new neighborhood with lack of privacy (like blinds or shades).  At the other end of the spectrum you may just lack interior style (with the absence of valances, drapery panels, etc. ).  We recommend that you support a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER by contacting them about any type of window treatment.  You will gain their expertise in the arena of window treatments while supporting a small business owner.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Drapery medallions can create a quick and easy solution that adds a great edge of design appeal to any room in your new home.  Medallions can be used to create a different look and feel than a traditional, straight drapery rod and can also be used in scenarios when an oddly shaped window is involved or a “nook” area with windows.

Using drapery medallions allows you to create dramatic window treatments and can be used to swag your curtains or in a traditional vertical hanging fashion.  Additionally, installing drapery medallions is quick and easy.  The wall mount brackets included with each of our drapery medallions installs in just minutes with the use of 3 screws and a drill.  Metropolis Iron even include touch up paint for the screw heads!

ProtrudingDraperyMedallionIf you are a regular reader of our blog you already know that we LOVE drapery medallions!  We love everything that they bring to a window treatment design, how they tie a look together and add a unique décor piece to a room.  Many of our medallion faces are flat, but we recognized a need for a medallion that would add depth to a treatment design and created a full line of protruding drapery medallions.

Our protruding drapery medallions are designed to stand out from your window treatment and come in a variety of styles including leaves, pineapples and stars.  We also offer many traditional styles custom designed in a protruding manner.  As with all our drapery medallion selections, our protruding medallions come in a variety of finishes to match the color of any room design.  To view our full line of protruding drapery medallions visit our online showroom at

real seashell drapery medallionsLooking for a tropical home décor piece that all your guests and friends are sure to talk about?  Designers, are you looking for a piece that will wow even the toughest clients?   Our REAL seashell drapery medallions are sure to enhance any coastal or beach themed design with a unique and authentic flair.  A piece exclusive to Metropolis Iron, you will not find these one of a kind drapery medallions from any other design firm.

Made from scalloped shells, polished and decorative shells, coral, starfish, and many others ranging in sizes from 2” – 6” in any of our 12 finishes.  Available in custom sizes and projections, these uncommon drapery hardware pieces can be forged to meet the needs of any coastal or beach décor home design project.

Upon an installation of some of our authentic sea shell drapery medallions last week our client commented that “They looked so real!”.  We laughed and said “They are!”  In a world where everything is fake or copied we wanted to make a statement by using the real thing.

Drapery Medallions and Drapery RodsWe love the look of this room and especially appreciate that the HGTV designers used both drapery rods and drapery medallions in the same setting.  Pulling off a rod/medallion look can be difficult, but with these following tips, anyone should be able to create a beautiful room that incorporates both the drapery hardware design elements.

  • Use the Same Finish:  Using the same color finish on both your drapery medallions and rods will create a cohesive look.
  • Don’t Use a Feature Wall:  Make sure you keep the same color walls throughout the room.  While a feature wall can be a great addition to any room design, keeping the same color throughout, in this instance,  will pull together the look of the drapery hardware.
  • Don’t Mix Patterns:  Keeping the same patterns and colors for fabrics, furnishings, throw pillows, and other accessories will also help tie together your medallion/rod look

Metropolis Iron’s large line of custom drapery rods and medallions come in many styles and finishes that complement each other nicely and help designers to easily create a polished look!

Drapery Medallions for Curved Walls

Posted by Misti On December 10th

Drapery Medallions with a Curved Wall

Curved walls can pose definite issues when trying to create a window treatment. With companies like Metropolis Iron you can have a drapery rod custom bent to the curvature of the wall. However, there aren’t a lot of companies that specialize in fabricating custom drapery hardware or perhaps the budget doesn’t allow for a piece of custom drapery hardware. In either case, it’s necessary for interior designers, drapery workrooms and homeowners to find alternative methods to hang decorative window treatments in rooms that have curved or bowed walls.

Drapery medallions are a perfect solution to the curved wall issue that so many of us run into. Medallions don’t require a straight wall as a drapery rod does and as in the above picture, can create a custom window treatment style and design. Additionally, medallions can be hung to suit any window design such as arch and bay windows. Using drapery medallions creates an element of flexibility and creativity not always available when using standard drapery rods

Metropolis Iron’s line of drapery medallions are perfectly suited for use on curved walls and includes an array of designs, styles, sizes, shapes, and finishes. While browsing our online catalog, if you don’t see a medallion that suits your needs, just ask. We love custom orders! Thanks to HGTV for the great photo!

Square Drapery Medallions-Dare to be Different

Posted by Misti On October 26th
Square Drapery Medallion

Square Drapery Medallion

When you think drapery medallions, round, simple medallions are probably the first (and only) style medallion or rosette you can think of.  That is probably because it’s almost the only type of drapery medallion, curtain rosette or window treatment holdback that is commonly available on the market.

Metropolis Iron is daring you to think differently for your next window treatment design.  How?   Consider square drapery medallions for your next design project.

Like our extensive line of round drapery medallions, square medallions also come in a range of sizes from extra-small to extra-large.  Square medallions are forged from the same methods quality materials as their round counterparts, ensuring that you are getting a strong medallion that was crafted with quality and care and will stand the test of time.

Square medallions can be particularly useful in design ideas where the curtain involves a square or checkered pattern as they enhance and compliment the shapes represented in the drapes.  General projection for square medallions is 3”, but as with all of our medallion products, custom projections are available upon request.

So, dare to be “square” with Metropolis Iron’s square drapery medallions.

Square Drapery Medallions used in Window Treatment

Square Drapery Medallions used in Window Treatment

Drapery Hardware for Outdoor Living Areas

Posted by Misti On September 3rd
Metropolis Iron's Line of Outdoor Drapery Hardware is Made from Non-Corrosive Aluminum

Metropolis Iron's Line of Outdoor Drapery Hardware is Made from Non-Corrosive Aluminum

Outdoor living spaces add an elegant and luxurious area to your home.   Patios, lanais, porches and gazebos offer relaxing areas to unwind and entertain.  Outdoor curtains displayed with outdoor drapery rods or outdoor drapery medallions will make your lanai or porch more inviting to relax in as they provide added privacy and tranquility. They are the perfect addition to the popular area of your Florida home.

With the artful combination of outdoor drapery and outdoor drapery hardware, you can transform your outdoor living spaces into a space worthy of design portfolios.  Other than its decorative function, outdoor curtains and hardware also have some practical functions for your outdoor living spaces. They can provide privacy, as well as shade and protection from the elements not only for you but even for your deck furnishings. They can prevent sun damage to the fabrics of your deck chairs and sofas.

Outdoor curtains can be grommet curtains, tab top curtains or rod pocket curtains that are the ideal curtain style for outdoor living spaces. They can be coordinated with your other décor and furnishing to create that perfect outdoor retreat.

There’s a fabulous selection of outdoor fabrics available but not so much in the area of outdoor drapery hardware.  Metropolis Iron, Inc. has developed their own line of outdoor drapery hardware because of the high demand from interior designers for decorative and functional outdoor drapery hardware.  Don’t think you are stuck using a pvc pipe to display your beautiful drapery panels.  For more information on outdoor drapery hardware please contact us through our website.  Our line of outdoor drapery hardware and outdoor drapery medallions is so new that we don’t even have it on our website yet.