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Airy DrapesSheer curtains have dressed windows for decades or even centuries, but pretty much in the same fashion year after year.  Sheers reduce sunlight and provide privacy, and chances are they’ll be a design staple forevermore.  Spice up your home with a jazzy sheer-curtain look to show off your inner-designer’s adventurous, creative, contemporary side.

The typical layered looks of sheer curtains under drapes are fine, but if you’re looking for something with more design pizzazz, step beyond the stereotypical “box” confines.  Layer white sheers over colored drapes for a subtle effect; the drapery color still comes through, but as a visual “whisper.” Alternatively, infuse a bland space with a touch of color by layering bright or dark-colored sheers over white drapes.  You can still use sheers underneath to filter light and provide some privacy when the drapes are open.

To make sheers less see-through, layer them.  But rather than layering same-length panels, start with floor-length sheers topped by sheers that are one-third shorter, and then sheers that are two-thirds shorter for a gradient look.  You don’t have to use the same colored layers, but if you mix your sheers’ hues, keep the darker colors at the bottom as a visual anchor.  If you layer the same colored sheers, create an interesting twist by using one with a swirly-patterned stitch on the bottom, then one made from plain netting, and then top them with a full, gathered eyelet-patterned sheer panel, for example.  Layer works best when hung with drapery medallions.  The full line of Metropolis Iron drapery medallions come in many styles and finishes complimenting any design scenario.




Outdoor Garden Room OutdoorGardenRoomDraperyMedallion

Spring is starting to show it’s signs throughout the country, a welcome sign to many in the north that have dealt with unbearable cold and record setting snowfall totals.  As the robins invade and crocus pop through the ground, many people are planning their gardens and outdoor area for the spring and summer of 2014.  One of the hottest trends in outdoor design is garden rooms.  Garden rooms can be incredibly simplistic to overly luxurious, but all aim to bring the indoor out and provide an outdoor area to relax, meditate and entertain.

Garden rooms generally feature some type of awning top and four sides, although the styles can vary greatly.  Simplistic garden rooms can involve something as easy as four posts with curtain walls and a curtain top while luxurious garden rooms, like that pictured, can feature more intricate details and style.  Regardless of your budget and space constraints, aim to create a garden room that will be a place where you will be comfortable and tranquil.

Choosing curtains and drapery hardware for your garden room should be one of the most important factors of planning your outdoor garden room.  Choose a curtain and/or awning that is weather resistant and will be able to withstand a few summer seasons of heat, sun and rain.  This also holds true for drapery hardware.  Select a hardware that is made of weather resistant materials that will allow for multiple seasons of outdoor use.

When used in an outdoor garden room, drapery medallion can add some pizzazz to your design.  Our lines of drapery medallions come in many styles and you are sure to find a medallion suitable for your particular needs and liking.  Weather resistant and perfect for outdoor garden rooms, the full line of drapery medallions  available at also come in many projections and finishes for custom projects!

Drapery Medallion from Metropolis IronChoosing the right size drapery medallion for your window treatment shouldn’t be a hassle.  Metropolis Iron understands that each home design project is different and requires just the right sized medallion.  Our drapery medallion line comes in five sizes to match any room, style or project need.

Extra Small Drapery Medallions:  Our extra small medallions are up to 2” diameter.  This petite sized medallion is perfect for designs that require a delicate touch.

Small Drapery Medallions:  With a size ranging from 2-1/8” – 2-7/8” our small drapery medallions are still perfect for creating softness in a design solution, but allow for a heavier drape than the extra-small size.

Medium Drapery Medallions:   Medium drapery medallions are 3” – 4” and are our most popular seller.  These sized medallions are perfect for use in many window treatments and are perfect for sheers, valances and much more.

Large Drapery Medallions:  Another great seller, our large drapery medallions are 4-1/8” – 6”.  These are useful in many of the same design situations as medium drapery medallions, but allow for a heavier drape and cane be a great choice when you want your medallion to pop from the curtains and stand out.

Extra-Large Drapery Medallions:  Our Extra-Large drapery medallions are 7-5/8” +.  A great medallion for use in foyer treatments or treatments with very, very long drapes (like used in a great room), the extra-large medallion will stand out and be seen from the floor.

All of our medallion sizes are available in an array of finishes, styles and projections.  Easy to install, Metropolis Iron’s line of drapery medallions comes with all necessary hardware, touchup paint and instructions.


medium sea shell drapery medallions installedAre you currently working on an ocean themed room?  Always dreamed of having the beach in your living room?  With many designers working hard to bring the outdoors inside through well planned, creative home décor ideas, Metropolis Iron felt that the market for ocean themed drapery hardware was really lacking.  To fill the void for this type of decorative drapery hardware we created beautiful seashell and tropical drapery medallions.

Our shell drapery medallion is most sought after in a medium size of 3 ¾ x 3 ¼ although many sizes and styles are available.  Available in 10 finishes, our shell medallions can be fit into any color scheme.   We even make coastal drapery medallions made from REAL sea shells for that authentic beach window treatment.  You won’t find our real seashell drapery medallions from any other supplier because we have invented them ourselves.  Metropolis Iron’s entire line of drapery medallions, including our seashell medallions, can be created in custom projections and includes all necessary mounting hardware, paint finish of your choice, touch up paint for screw heads and shipping within the Continental United States.

Real Seashell Home Decor  medium sea shell drapery medallions installed close up

Small Drapery Medallion Available from Metropolis Iron

Small Drapery Medallion Available from Metropolis Iron

In the world of drapery hardware the most commonly requested size of drapery medallions is by far medium sized medallions.  While medium medallions can be used for a variety of window treatment designs, in some design scenarios, a medium drapery medallion will be too large and overwhelm the design concept.  This is when using a small or extra small drapery medallion can be the perfect design solution.

Small drapery medallions range in diameter from 1 ¼” to 2” and are dainty enough to be used in even the most intricate window treatments.  Metropolis Iron’s standard projection for small drapery rosettes is 3”, but we also offer custom projections up to 8” for any window treatment scenario.

Choosing a Medium/Large Drapery Medallion

Posted by Misti On June 18th


Medium/Large Drapery Medallion

Medium/Large Drapery Medallion

Medium/Large drapery medallions are by far the most popular choice for designing eye popping window treatments.  While, extra small, small, and extra-large drapery medallions are perfect for custom design projects that require a different sized medallion, the most commonly used medallion sizes are medium/large.

Medium/Large drapery medallions range in size from 4 1/4” to 6” and are best used as a stylish alternative to a traditional drapery rod.  Using medallions in your window treatment design allows you to swag, swish and drape in ways that drapery rod applications cannot.  Metropolis Iron’s enhanced line of medium/large medallions all include a simple to install wall mount bracket.  Projection for our medium drapery medallions is 3”, but custom projection is available upon request for design projects that include shutters or blinds.


Higher Ceilings Need Bigger Drapery Medallions!

Posted by JessicaSala On April 2nd
Exclusive Extra Large Fish Drapery Medallion from Metropolis Iron

Exclusive Extra-Large Fish Drapery Medallion from Metropolis Iron

Home designs have changed dramatically in the last several decades.  The ceiling height of a standard home many years ago was 10 feet.  Now, ceiling heights have grown to 20 feet or higher when a grand foyer is involved.  No longer does a 3″ typical medium drapery medallion make a statement when it’s place 20+ feet high.  It looks more like a spec than it does a medallion.  The demand for taller ceilings has increased the demand for large and extra-large drapery medallions.  The size of a drapery medallion will make your window treatment appear more dramatic and allows your medallions to stand out when using drapes that are hundreds of inches long.  A large drapery medallion will measure 6-1/4″ – 7-1/2″ while an extra-large medallion is 7-5/8″ or larger.  Our largest extra-large medallion is over 12″ W.  You asked for bigger drapery hardware pieces and Metropolis Iron is listening.  If there is a style or size drapery medallion you are looking for let us know so that we can accommodate you.

Extra-Large Drapery Medaillion from Metropolis Iron

Extra-Large Drapery Medallion from Metropolis Iron