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Bay windows are beautiful spaces in a home that can be perfect for a relaxing night of reading or just right for pondering.  During a nice day, it’s a good spot to bask in some sunshine.  Add the perfect touch to your beautiful bay windows with a nice set of curtains and drapery medallions.  The positioning of the windows may look a bit daunting, since there is more than one panel to tend to, but with the right approach and the right drapery medallions, the task can be just as easy as working with a regular window.

If your bay window has seats, make sure to choose a set of curtains short enough to graze the seats.  Otherwise, you can opt for full-length curtains that hang to the floor.  Drapery medallions make the task of hanging your curtains 100 times easier than traditional curtain rods and add an additional touch of flair and aesthetic value to your bay window area.  To vie our full line of drapery medallions for bay windows, visit our online showroom at


DraperyMedallionsSwarvorskiCrystalsDesigners are you tired of those plain, traditional drapery medallions and rods?  Are you looking for drapery hardware that will add elegance, sparkle or pizzazz to your window treatment design?  Metropolis Iron’s line of dazzling drapery medallions will help you provide drapery medallions for window treatments that are both elegant and unusual, not found from any other source.

Some of our dazzling drapery medallions are inlaid with authentic Swarvorski crystals to add an elegant sparkle to your designs.   Our standard dazzling drapery medallions come in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to complement the color scheme of any room but custom creations are always welcomed.  Additionally, our dazzling line includes mirrored drapery medallions and medallions inlaid with colored glass stones. Check us out online at for all medallions that sparkle!

Drapery Medallion from Metropolis IronChoosing the right size drapery medallion for your window treatment shouldn’t be a hassle.  Metropolis Iron understands that each home design project is different and requires just the right sized medallion.  Our drapery medallion line comes in five sizes to match any room, style or project need.

Extra Small Drapery Medallions:  Our extra small medallions are up to 2” diameter.  This petite sized medallion is perfect for designs that require a delicate touch.

Small Drapery Medallions:  With a size ranging from 2-1/8” – 2-7/8” our small drapery medallions are still perfect for creating softness in a design solution, but allow for a heavier drape than the extra-small size.

Medium Drapery Medallions:   Medium drapery medallions are 3” – 4” and are our most popular seller.  These sized medallions are perfect for use in many window treatments and are perfect for sheers, valances and much more.

Large Drapery Medallions:  Another great seller, our large drapery medallions are 4-1/8” – 6”.  These are useful in many of the same design situations as medium drapery medallions, but allow for a heavier drape and cane be a great choice when you want your medallion to pop from the curtains and stand out.

Extra-Large Drapery Medallions:  Our Extra-Large drapery medallions are 7-5/8” +.  A great medallion for use in foyer treatments or treatments with very, very long drapes (like used in a great room), the extra-large medallion will stand out and be seen from the floor.

All of our medallion sizes are available in an array of finishes, styles and projections.  Easy to install, Metropolis Iron’s line of drapery medallions comes with all necessary hardware, touchup paint and instructions.


Drapery Medallions for Curved Walls

Posted by Misti On December 10th

Drapery Medallions with a Curved Wall

Curved walls can pose definite issues when trying to create a window treatment. With companies like Metropolis Iron you can have a drapery rod custom bent to the curvature of the wall. However, there aren’t a lot of companies that specialize in fabricating custom drapery hardware or perhaps the budget doesn’t allow for a piece of custom drapery hardware. In either case, it’s necessary for interior designers, drapery workrooms and homeowners to find alternative methods to hang decorative window treatments in rooms that have curved or bowed walls.

Drapery medallions are a perfect solution to the curved wall issue that so many of us run into. Medallions don’t require a straight wall as a drapery rod does and as in the above picture, can create a custom window treatment style and design. Additionally, medallions can be hung to suit any window design such as arch and bay windows. Using drapery medallions creates an element of flexibility and creativity not always available when using standard drapery rods

Metropolis Iron’s line of drapery medallions are perfectly suited for use on curved walls and includes an array of designs, styles, sizes, shapes, and finishes. While browsing our online catalog, if you don’t see a medallion that suits your needs, just ask. We love custom orders! Thanks to HGTV for the great photo!

Scroll Shaped Drapery Medallions

Scroll Shaped Drapery Medallions

When many designers think about drapery medallions, a round design around 3-4” pops in their minds.  We classify this size medallion as a “Medium Drapery Medallion”.   Did you know that mixing up the shape and size of your medallion can make for some fabulous window treatment designs?

Your first obstacle is that most suppliers of drapery medallions and curtain rosettes don’t have much of a selection.  Metropolis Iron, Inc. has studied the market and heard your cries for variety in size, shape and style of curtain medallions and drapery rosettes and is here to rescue you. We intend to be every designer’s secret weapon in creating off the chart window treatments.

First, consider the size of your drapery medallion.  Yes, 3-4” can be a great medallion size for most window treatments. It’s actually the most commonly used size drapery hanger.  We are not sure if it’s because it’s one of the only sizes available or because it’s the size interior designers and drapery workrooms prefer (We would love to know this answer by the way). What about when a smaller or larger medallion is needed?  Designers should consider all drapery medallion sizes from extra-small (1 ½-2”) to extra-large (7-12 ¾”). Using larger medallions will ensure that they don’t get lost in a room with tall ceilings. Using smaller medallions ensures that the overall window treatment is not overpowering in smaller, simpler spaces.

Next, consider the shape of the medallion.  Many designers purchase a round design.  Again we are not sure if this is because that is all available or that they prefer this shape (We’d love to know the answer to this question as well).  However, contrary to popular belief, medallions come in an array of shapes and sizes including square, rectangle, and other custom designs such as fish, fleur-de-lis, diamond shaped and much more.

Metropolis Iron’s large line of drapery medallions includes designs in all shapes, sizes and styles.  If you don’t see your design idea on our website, please ask! We love custom orders and will always accommodate your design ideas!

Unique Drapery Medallions

Unique Drapery Medallions


Small Drapery Medallion Available from Metropolis Iron

Small Drapery Medallion Available from Metropolis Iron

In the world of drapery hardware the most commonly requested size of drapery medallions is by far medium sized medallions.  While medium medallions can be used for a variety of window treatment designs, in some design scenarios, a medium drapery medallion will be too large and overwhelm the design concept.  This is when using a small or extra small drapery medallion can be the perfect design solution.

Small drapery medallions range in diameter from 1 ¼” to 2” and are dainty enough to be used in even the most intricate window treatments.  Metropolis Iron’s standard projection for small drapery rosettes is 3”, but we also offer custom projections up to 8” for any window treatment scenario.

Traditional Medium Drapery Medallion

Traditional Medium Drapery Medallion

Creating custom window treatments is exciting but also can be challenging.  Uncommon sized windows, over-sized windows, breakfast nooks, arched windows, curved walls and other unique spaces can provide challenges to even the most qualified window treatment designer.  In these types of situations drapery medallions can be a great décor solution.


Drapery medallions come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the most common being the medium drapery medallion.  Medium drapery medallions range in size from 3” to 4” in diameter.  While medium drapery medallions are small enough to use in difficult space scenarios, they are also large enough to stand out against even the most complicated of designs.  Metropolis Iron offers the widest selections of medium drapery medallions in an array of finishes and styles!  If you don’t see a style or finish that suits your needs on our website, just ask!  We love custom orders!

Contemporary Medium Drapery Medallion

Contemporary Medium Drapery Medallion