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outdoor drapery rods 1Memorial Day weekend, the kids are getting out of school and everyone is busy planning their fun summer activities!  Spending time outside is a rite of passage of the summertime and in recent years the outdoor living room has emerged as a popular home design trend.  An outdoor area can consist of anything from an outdoor patio with a table and chair set to elaborate outdoor living areas that include feature furniture, outdoor drapes and hardware and other décor items.

Outdoor drapery and hardware are also gaining in popularity.  If you haven’t discovered this outdoor accessory yet, they serve multiple purposes.  Use them to divide a large outdoor area into smaller, separate spaces when you are entertaining guests as it creates a cozy atmosphere. Hanging curtains will give you more cooling shade on sunny days.  It will also help to prolong the life of your outdoor furniture.

As great as outdoor drapes can be there are a few things you must be aware of prior to using them in your outdoor living room.  Due to being exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time it is important to choose not only drapes that are weather resistant, but also drapery rods and other necessary hardware.  Be sure to use drapery hardware that is specifically designed to be used in outdoor situations.  Metropolis Iron’s large line of outdoor drapery medallions and hardware will stand the test of time in even the harshest weather that summertime can throw it’s way!

Drapery Medallions for Massive Windows

Posted by Misti On December 24th

Extra-Large Drapery Medallion

With home designs changing, the drapery hardware  industry has had to evolve and change to fit the needs of homeowners and interior designers.  One of the biggest trends we’ve seen at Metropolis Iron is large windows including 2 and 3 story windows and windows that take up entire walls and leave little room for hanging of traditional drapery rods.

Drapery medallions work wonderfully for all types of large window treatments.  For example, for large 2 and 3 story windows that we often see used in great rooms, an extra-large drapery medallion has not only the size to be seen, but the strength to hold longer, heavier drapes.  In instances where a window takes up the majority of a wall, a medallion is small enough to contended with even the most compromising spaces.

Our large line of custom drapery medallions allows for every design plan.  Our medallions come in an array of sizes, designs & shapes, and finishes.  Visit our website to learn more or drop us a line at to discuss your custom drapery medallion needs!

Drapery Hardware for Outdoor Living Areas

Posted by Misti On September 3rd
Metropolis Iron's Line of Outdoor Drapery Hardware is Made from Non-Corrosive Aluminum

Metropolis Iron's Line of Outdoor Drapery Hardware is Made from Non-Corrosive Aluminum

Outdoor living spaces add an elegant and luxurious area to your home.   Patios, lanais, porches and gazebos offer relaxing areas to unwind and entertain.  Outdoor curtains displayed with outdoor drapery rods or outdoor drapery medallions will make your lanai or porch more inviting to relax in as they provide added privacy and tranquility. They are the perfect addition to the popular area of your Florida home.

With the artful combination of outdoor drapery and outdoor drapery hardware, you can transform your outdoor living spaces into a space worthy of design portfolios.  Other than its decorative function, outdoor curtains and hardware also have some practical functions for your outdoor living spaces. They can provide privacy, as well as shade and protection from the elements not only for you but even for your deck furnishings. They can prevent sun damage to the fabrics of your deck chairs and sofas.

Outdoor curtains can be grommet curtains, tab top curtains or rod pocket curtains that are the ideal curtain style for outdoor living spaces. They can be coordinated with your other décor and furnishing to create that perfect outdoor retreat.

There’s a fabulous selection of outdoor fabrics available but not so much in the area of outdoor drapery hardware.  Metropolis Iron, Inc. has developed their own line of outdoor drapery hardware because of the high demand from interior designers for decorative and functional outdoor drapery hardware.  Don’t think you are stuck using a pvc pipe to display your beautiful drapery panels.  For more information on outdoor drapery hardware please contact us through our website.  Our line of outdoor drapery hardware and outdoor drapery medallions is so new that we don’t even have it on our website yet.