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Pinecone Drapery MedallionLazy summer weekends and vacations are upon us and of course this means retreats to the family cabin or lake house.  Having a relaxing space to get away to, entertain guests and laze the summer days away is a must.  Decorating your cabin retreat should be a fun adventure just like the times that you spend there.

Choosing a woodsy décor is generally the most popular when creating a great cabin or lake home.  You should gracefully and stylish bring the natural world into your décor theme.  Most cabins feature lofts and beautiful hardwoods throughout, so try to play off the existing woodsy features in your home.  Some of our favorite woodsy décor items are:

No matter your décor choices for your cabin or lake home, Metropolis Iron hopes you enjoy your summer!


Scarf Valance Drapery MedallionsThe flowing beauty of a scarf valance adds character to home window treatments.  With many ways to drape a scarf valance, it is simple to change the look in each room of the home.  Whether the scarf valance is positioned over panels of drapery, sheer curtains or blinds, it adds color and texture to the room.  A swag-style scarf valance using drapery medallions is quite an easy look to accomplish.

First, prepare the window for the valance.  Choose decorative drapery medallions to hold the scarf valance.  Use a drill to install the drapery medallions above the window frame.  Drapery medallion sets from Metropolis Iron include all necessary hardware including touch up paint to cover those unsightly screw heads.  Next, measure the width of the window and install a drapery medallion a few inches past the window casing on each end.  Use a level to ensure they are straight and flush.

Next, prepare to swag the valance.  Lay the valance out on a large table or the floor.  Place the backside of the fabric toward the ceiling.  Stretch the fabric lengthwise in front of you.  Fold the fabric in an accordion style, keeping the pleats an equal width.

Now, measure the height of the windows.  Start at the drapery medallion and go down to the desired length of the finished swag.  This is usually just above the window sill.  Then use the tape measure to measure the same amount on each end of the valance.  Use a decorative drapery cord to tie a loose knot around each measured spot on the valance.

Now you are ready to hang the valance.  Pick up the valance by the knotted cords and turn the fabric so the backside faces the glass.  Take the scarf valance to the window, and then rest each knotted section on the corresponding drapery medallion.  Allow the center portion of the valance to dip down in front of the window.  The amount of curve will be determined by the length of the scarf valance purchased.

Take a step back and smile as you look at the amazing window treatment that you have just created using only drapery medallions from Metropolis Iron, a scarf valance, a measuring tape, a drill and a bit of time!  Your inner designer is shining!


AmericanaDraperyMedallions1 AmericanaDraperyMedallions2Are you feeling patriotic?  How about a little red, white and blue for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend?  Nothing makes us feel more patriotic than seeing interiors that have been decorated with artifacts related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States.   All that’s needed to make your home pop with patriotism are some white moldings, bead board, vivid colorful accents, a few flags, folk art, maybe a quilt or two, and, of course, you have to have a Windsor chair in there somewhere.

But what about blending Americana style into your window treatments?  Of course you can use colorful drapes, but don’t you feel there is something else you could do?  We found many clients asking the same questions and created our line of Americana drapery medallions with these design challenges in mind.  Our Americana designs bring you back to a day of Colonial America and help you create a window treatment that stays within the style of the rest of your home design.

Americana is lovely, fresh, summery and so incredibly appealing!  To learn more about out Americana drapery medallions, check us out on the web at


The Allure of Asian Inspired Home Design

Posted by Misti On April 28th

Oriental Drapery MedallionOne of the hottest trends we are currently seeing in the interior design world is the fusion of Asian inspired designs in both architecture and home design elements.  Here at Metropolis Iron, we are throwing in our take on Asian inspired home décor with our new Oriental drapery medallions.  Bring a feeling of Zen into your home with these beautiful medallions that will tie together the look in an Asian inspired home.

While sold in our online showroom in extra-large size, we also offer our Oriental drapery medallions in a variety of custom sizes from extra-small to large depending on your design needs.  Also, the medallions come in an array of finishes to match any color scheme.  Need a special projection?  We can help!  We love custom orders!  Check us out at to view our full line of beautiful drapery medallions.


Bay windows are beautiful spaces in a home that can be perfect for a relaxing night of reading or just right for pondering.  During a nice day, it’s a good spot to bask in some sunshine.  Add the perfect touch to your beautiful bay windows with a nice set of curtains and drapery medallions.  The positioning of the windows may look a bit daunting, since there is more than one panel to tend to, but with the right approach and the right drapery medallions, the task can be just as easy as working with a regular window.

If your bay window has seats, make sure to choose a set of curtains short enough to graze the seats.  Otherwise, you can opt for full-length curtains that hang to the floor.  Drapery medallions make the task of hanging your curtains 100 times easier than traditional curtain rods and add an additional touch of flair and aesthetic value to your bay window area.  To vie our full line of drapery medallions for bay windows, visit our online showroom at


Outdoor Garden Room OutdoorGardenRoomDraperyMedallion

Spring is starting to show it’s signs throughout the country, a welcome sign to many in the north that have dealt with unbearable cold and record setting snowfall totals.  As the robins invade and crocus pop through the ground, many people are planning their gardens and outdoor area for the spring and summer of 2014.  One of the hottest trends in outdoor design is garden rooms.  Garden rooms can be incredibly simplistic to overly luxurious, but all aim to bring the indoor out and provide an outdoor area to relax, meditate and entertain.

Garden rooms generally feature some type of awning top and four sides, although the styles can vary greatly.  Simplistic garden rooms can involve something as easy as four posts with curtain walls and a curtain top while luxurious garden rooms, like that pictured, can feature more intricate details and style.  Regardless of your budget and space constraints, aim to create a garden room that will be a place where you will be comfortable and tranquil.

Choosing curtains and drapery hardware for your garden room should be one of the most important factors of planning your outdoor garden room.  Choose a curtain and/or awning that is weather resistant and will be able to withstand a few summer seasons of heat, sun and rain.  This also holds true for drapery hardware.  Select a hardware that is made of weather resistant materials that will allow for multiple seasons of outdoor use.

When used in an outdoor garden room, drapery medallion can add some pizzazz to your design.  Our lines of drapery medallions come in many styles and you are sure to find a medallion suitable for your particular needs and liking.  Weather resistant and perfect for outdoor garden rooms, the full line of drapery medallions  available at also come in many projections and finishes for custom projects!

DraperyMedallionsSwarvorskiCrystalsDesigners are you tired of those plain, traditional drapery medallions and rods?  Are you looking for drapery hardware that will add elegance, sparkle or pizzazz to your window treatment design?  Metropolis Iron’s line of dazzling drapery medallions will help you provide drapery medallions for window treatments that are both elegant and unusual, not found from any other source.

Some of our dazzling drapery medallions are inlaid with authentic Swarvorski crystals to add an elegant sparkle to your designs.   Our standard dazzling drapery medallions come in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to complement the color scheme of any room but custom creations are always welcomed.  Additionally, our dazzling line includes mirrored drapery medallions and medallions inlaid with colored glass stones. Check us out online at for all medallions that sparkle!

Straight vs. Curved Drapery Holdbacks

Posted by Misti On July 15th

Curved Drapery HoldbacksDrapery holdbacks are an important feature of any complete window treatment design.  Holdbacks tie together your look while remaining functional.  Used for a variety of uses in a window treatment, drapery holdbacks allow sunlight to enter and add a decorative flair to your treatment.

Drapery holdbacks come in a curved and straight style.  Metropolis Iron’s online showroom features both of these highly sought after styles.  Our curved medallions are great for holding back your drapes, even those that may be bulky and cumbersome.  If you are searching for a unique drapery rod alternative, try our many styles of straight drapery medallions.  Our straight holdbacks are wonderful for use as a traditional holdback, but can make any treatment pop in lieu of using a drapery rod.

As with all of Metropolis Iron’s product line, our holdbacks are available in a variety of designs, sizes, finishes and projections for all your window treatment design needs.

Drapery Medallion from Metropolis IronChoosing the right size drapery medallion for your window treatment shouldn’t be a hassle.  Metropolis Iron understands that each home design project is different and requires just the right sized medallion.  Our drapery medallion line comes in five sizes to match any room, style or project need.

Extra Small Drapery Medallions:  Our extra small medallions are up to 2” diameter.  This petite sized medallion is perfect for designs that require a delicate touch.

Small Drapery Medallions:  With a size ranging from 2-1/8” – 2-7/8” our small drapery medallions are still perfect for creating softness in a design solution, but allow for a heavier drape than the extra-small size.

Medium Drapery Medallions:   Medium drapery medallions are 3” – 4” and are our most popular seller.  These sized medallions are perfect for use in many window treatments and are perfect for sheers, valances and much more.

Large Drapery Medallions:  Another great seller, our large drapery medallions are 4-1/8” – 6”.  These are useful in many of the same design situations as medium drapery medallions, but allow for a heavier drape and cane be a great choice when you want your medallion to pop from the curtains and stand out.

Extra-Large Drapery Medallions:  Our Extra-Large drapery medallions are 7-5/8” +.  A great medallion for use in foyer treatments or treatments with very, very long drapes (like used in a great room), the extra-large medallion will stand out and be seen from the floor.

All of our medallion sizes are available in an array of finishes, styles and projections.  Easy to install, Metropolis Iron’s line of drapery medallions comes with all necessary hardware, touchup paint and instructions.


photoWe listen to the needs of our designers and clients here at Metropolis Iron!  We’ve recently had a flood of requests for a traditional styled drapery medallion that includes texture and will add depth to any window treatment.  Our solution, ruffled drapery medallions!

Our new ruffled drapery medallions will pop in any treatment scenario and come in 3 sizes; small, medium and large to meet all your home décor and design needs.  Each of our medallions comes in a standard 3’ projection, although custom projections are available by request.  Additionally, each of our ruffled medallions comes with all hardware for easy installation.  Available in 10 finishes, our medallions can be matched to any existing color or hardware scheme.

Our ruffled medallions are the newest addition to our collection of unique drapery medallions which include medallions made from seashells, jeweled medallions and many more.  Check out  for information on all our drapery medallion styles and designs.

Ruffled Drapery Medallions